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adventures of a red-headed stepchild in the house of love

mermaid on the mic

red-headed stepchild in the house of love
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I act in earnest. I can be shy until I get to know you. I adore my friends and love communicating and getting to know people better. Part of the reason I am doing this is as a way to put myself out there and maybe not be so shy. (And ya know what? It seems to be working!)

I am co-owner (with my amazing partner Jovino) of a clothing and accessory company called bunnywarez. Everything we make expresses our playful and often furry style. It's so much fun creating together!

You can send a message to our nabaztag by visiting bunnywarez and clicking on the image of the nabaztag, which is at the bottom of the page. If you have a nabz, we can connect through the nabz site - ours is named bunnywarez (of course!) Or, send us a message on our LED sign!

I love to dance - house, disco, bellydance... or just dancing in my living room.

I'm very curious and enjoy learning new things and researching various interests. I love the outdoors and especially enjoy camping. I like to travel and have been to Ibiza, Tokyo, BRC and other places, but I'm always glad to return to the bay area (aka Freak City) where I've lived since 1990.

I love costume parties - the freakier the better.

I'm always interested in hearing (and spinning) new music... especially "new" rare groove and disco (especially latin and funky disco) and funk. I also love downtempo, and lately the 'lectrohouse bug has bitten me!

I keep a journal for myself, but I welcome comments from anyone.
)'(, absinthe, amazing sex w/my man, ambient, animal roleplay, animals, art, babyfur, bdsm, beauty, being a bunny, being bitten, being myself, bellydance, bisexual, biting, boogie-oogie-oogie, boys in dresses, bunnies, bunny warez, bunnywarez, burning man, camping, car camping, cart pulling, cats, cavalia, celebration, champagne, chocolate, chocolate covered espresso beans, cliquot, clubbing, clubwear, collaboration, communication, compassion, conceptual art, cooking, costumed revelry, costuming, cucumber gimlets, cuddling, dance, dancing, dancing in nature, dermagraphism, desertronica, disco, djing, downtempo, drag queens, ecstacy, electronica, erotica, exotica, faux fur, fetish, fire, fire island, fko, freaks, fuck maybe, fuck yeah!, fucko, funk, furry, fursuiting, fursuits, gin, glam, glitter, green tea, grilled cheese, haikyo, high weirdness, honesty, horses, hot pink, house, jovino, joy, kigurumi, kissing, kissing jovino, lava lamps, like fuck, love, making love with jovino, mermaids, miso, miss kitty's scratching post, more than 150 interests, music, my big pink butt, my hot man, my sweet kittens, nabaztag, naughty, nfbsk, nice, nightclubs, ninja, ninja bunny, ninja kitty, nsfw, nsfwtf, odaxelagnia, onigiri, paradise garage, parties, pink, pink hair, pink leather, platforms, play, playa dust, playawear, pleasure, polyamory, ponies, ponyplay, rare groove, red wine, relationships, roller disco, rollercoasters, rumi, santa, santacon, self awareness, sewing, sleeping in, snogging, spinning, superloaf, sushi, tarot, tattoos, tatty old cashmere sweaters, tolerance, transformation, travel, trust, txt msgs, underwear, unh unh unh, veuve clicquot, yay!, yiffing