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So the secret is out, the cat is out of the bag. Well, actually the kittens are out of the boxes. It's CATURDAY - and what that means is that I am now the proud mama to two delightful little kitties!

My good friend Carole (whose fabulous blog, Drunken Housewife is always a great read - check it out) fosters kittens for the SPCA in SF. I don't know how she can stand to give them up, but it's a really great and selfless thing to do. I totally admire her. She recently had a few that sounded really extra special. (Carole literally saved their lives, as they were brought in to Animal Control with ringworm, and if they had not had a foster home they would have been "euthanized" - ugh.) Reading about them made me yearn, and when Ii mentioned this to Jovino, he said "well, why not?"

I've just recently come to the difficult decision that it really would be bad for my darling Pounce (pictured in the icon) to move, as he is 19 years old and not in the best of health. The ex does take very good care of him, so it truly is best not to uproot him at this point.

So, it was just time. I had to jump through a bunch of hoops at the SPCA but they were very nice, it all worked out, and now I have not one, but two completely ADORABLE kittens (sisters) rampaging through my house, purring on my lap, getting into things (and trying to climb up my legs... ow!)

It's rad. I has teh Happy.

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