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...just like that.

here I am again. it's kinda crazy being me lately.

I am loving our new vac sealer. it's useful and convenient, and we are going to be eating SO WELL at twigsville this year (no more tasty bites for us!) cooking always seems to make me happy too.

while I was sealing up some awesome (if I do say so myself) risotto, the doorbell rang - ups bringing me a much awaited package. I treated myself to the incredible Rodrigo y Gabriela album after experiencing love at first hearing when one of the tracks was played on the radio as I ran errands (back just before everything started to suck.)

they are AWESOME. I pulled out the CD and fired up the soundsystem. as I sat listening to Tamacun, the first track, I read their notes. Tamacun is a man who lives in Ixtapa, on the south pacific coast of Mexico. he has dedicated himself to saving the crocodiles and they know and love him. he gets no money from the Mexican government for this work, and makes little or no money in general. but he is saving the crocodiles. there's a photo of him lying on his back on the back of a big croc. both of them are smiling. the song is about him, they said they would tell the world of his work.

this totally made me cry.

if you like guitar music, check these folks out. they're amazing!

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