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Crossing the Bridge

I'm going to do it... tomorrow afternoon I'm driving across the Bay Bridge.

I have a bunch of stuff to do in SF and it would be such a hassle on public, and take way too long.

I haven't tried it yet, but I have to do it sooner or later. I'll be going over in the daytime and coming back in the dark, but I think the going over part is the most challenging. All that merging after the toll plaza.

Wish me luck! I'm a little apprehensive but I've been doing well lately and I think it is just time.

And my reward is the latex clothing making class I'm going to that evening! So excited about this! It is part of the "I'm Trying to Feel Sexier" program. Let's hope it helps. Polly Pandemonium, formerly of the ultra creative House of Harlot (UK) is teaching. I always loved their stuff, and Polly is great. I've gotten to know her a bit recently, going to her kinky salons and running into her occasionally at other events. I love her creative esthetic and sharp sense of style.

And I just found out that two of my friends are getting married in SF in two weeks and I get to be the witness! I better remember to bring a hanky because I KNOW I am gonna cry.

Yay Love!

OK I am doing this out of order. Next up: Last Weekend!

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