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i have learned to knit (kinda)

i have learned to knit (kinda)
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my first attempt at knitting. a lovely potholder!

there's lots wrong with this thing - but if you consider that a couple of days ago it was just a bunch of string...

anyway, i know it has three rounded corners and one square one. i gained some stitches (from where i do not know) which rounded the first corner, so I followed suit for the other two.

perky red blanket stitch border and heart cross stitch strategically placed to draw attention away from my inconsistent knitting. ;-)

i do like the little heart, though.

next up: a scarf!

oh, and happy thanksgiving. i have a lot to be thankfulf for in my life - first and foremost my wonderful relationship with my amazing partner. he treats me with so much love and respect, he is brilliant, funny, creative... and an awesome business partner as well. we had a great day together today and i look forward to many more to come. i am a lucky girl!

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