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drinking the koolaid - adventures of a red-headed stepchild in the house of love — LiveJournal
mermaid on the mic
drinking the koolaid
I don't really have a good icon for this... the "sewing machine" one will have to do.

So... unless you have been living under a rock for the past, oh, five years or so, you are probably aware of the Rise of Knitting that has been happening. Personally, I've been attempting to resist hopping on this particular bandwagon, as I figured the last thing I needed was another time consuming, expensive hobby which would require me to purchase supplies that I might never get around to using..

Well, I'm sure you can tell where this is going... heh...

I've been talking with a few friends of mine who are into knitting, and eventually admitted that I was intrigued. They've all been encouraging, and one recommended a particular book as being fun and easy to learn from. Eventually, I bit the bullet and picked up a copy.

The book seems pretty cool, and it takes a very step by step approach. Armed with some basic knowledge, I decided to hit up a yarn shop over in Alameda.

It turns out that this particular yarn shop is (sadly) going out of business. The owner, who is a very nice lady (and who has great taste in yarn) was very helpful and kind. She answered all of my questions, and I picked up some lovely yarn and nice bamboo needles at a sweet discount. The great thing about this is that I can learn on good yarn instead of having to use nassty acrylic. My first efforts will probably turn out to be something that is best unraveled so that the yarn can be reused, but still just for the experience it's nice to have the good stuff! It feels lush and looks good in my hands even as I struggle with it. Not to mention the needles, which are lovely bamboo instead of plastic.

Her last day is Saturday the 18th so my current goal is to get as far as I can in the next few days, and then (armed with whatever knowledge I can pick up between now and then) go back for more needles (a circular set or two, if I can figure out what size(s) I want) and maybe some more yarn - perhaps even a pattern book or two, though most of the ones I saw today were not really my style. Too bad there was hardly any cashmere yarn left! I've been jonesing for a cashmere scarf, ever since I lost the one I had at a DJ gig in SF a few years back... one which didn't even pay well, natch!

As to the actual process of learning to knit... well, it's not easy, but so far, so good! I think I'm going to try to make a simple scarf or maybe an arm warmer to start off with - some sort of basic rectangle type item. Wish me luck!

In other creative news, jovino and I recently completed a fab open face fursuit for a friend of ours, which came out really well. (In fact, it is completely fucking adorable, if I do say so myself!) We definitely want to do more similar things, so keep an eye on bunnywarez to see what we're up to.

All my knitting friends now have permission to laugh your ass off! I have drank the kool-aid... and damned if it doesn't taste awfully good. :-)

Finally, I should acknowledge jetkat and theassassinnox for their encouragement above and beyond the call of friendship. Honestly, if it wasn't for these two fabulous women, I'd probably never have picked up my first knitting needle. THANK YOU!!!!!

I'll be hitting you up for advice and problem solving as soon as I'm advanced enough to have problems!

k, back to knitting!


I'm feeling: determined determined

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silverfae From: silverfae Date: November 11th, 2006 03:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
wheee! If anything, Stich and Bitch is the greatest.
hey, everyone needs a cold weather hobby and what better than knitting or crochet?
I'm so sorry about Pounce, baby. I send you mucho kitty love for both of you.
(and a fierce but gentle hug to Pounce). Saying goodbye to our small friends-in-fur is never easy, and I hope that Pounce will give the chance when the time comes.

In other news... there is no other news *grin*
theassassinnox From: theassassinnox Date: November 12th, 2006 07:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
*evil grin* Welcome to the dark side. Soon you to shall have a shelf dedicated to nothing but yarn. (but that may just be me as I buy in bulk for tails. *laughs*

Knitting tips:
~I like wooden needles over metal. The acrylic ones aren't bad, but the hollow plastic ones feel really strange.
~If you are going to work in the round, I greatly prefer double pointed wooden needles to one of those sets with the cable bit in the middle, but I suppose that is a personal feel thing.
~I like to work on size 13 needles. They work up fairly quickly but aren't so large that you need to but particular yarn. I love working with a double strand of a basic "average" weight yarn. *nods*

Also....is the the shop where you got your pink yarns for me? Id so, do they have any more Brown Sheep yarn? (the dark pink heavy weight yarn that is single cabled rather than twisted). If so, what colors/prices. *grins* I love working with the stuff.

And let me know what color(s) you are looking for in cashmire. I have a really nice yarn place locally that sells cashmire and cashmire blends. I can price stuff for you and maybe even pick some up if we find the right one for you.

Glad you have a new task. Hehe. It gets faster and easier. And boy oh boy, once you're hooked....

arletterocks From: arletterocks Date: November 13th, 2006 09:53 am (UTC) (Link)

Yarn Kool-Aid!

Stitch & Bitch is awesome! It's the book I used to teach myself to knit.

If you have any knitting questions, drop me a line -- I'm a hella knitting nerd. And if you get frustrated, remember that it's just two sticks and a bunch of string. It is NOT smarter than you.
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