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So, I've been meaning to post something about driving. As you probably know, I just got a driver's license for the first time, back in November (at the advanced age of 37.) I've been driving as much as possible since then, to keep in practice and get better at it. And I've definitely improved over the past few months... for one thing I can now play my disco tapes in the car (music used to be too distracting, now I love having it.) But I still pretty much drive like a granny. (Yes, a disco-loving granny!)

I'm still at the point where it is really exciting for me to go *run errands* in the car... it's great to be able to be enthused about things like running over to Long's to get toilet paper! (Oh Boy, Oh Boy!!! I'm driving the car *all by myself*!!!)

I know, I'm a dork.*

So anyway, today I was driving along running errands... besides the Almighty Longs (it's giant... seriously, that's why I call it that) I went to Traderjos, over in Emeryville. I was listening to the remake of Teardrops ("Footsteps on the dancefloor - Reminds me, baby, of you...") and bopping along in my car, when someone got in front of me in a dark blue Cadillac, and proceeded to *crawl* along. My, it was irritating!

Eventually the car turned off and I realized I'd been behind an actual old lady... and *I found it irritating*! I think this means I am finally graduating beyond the "drives like an old lady" stage to real regular street driving... though I'm not totally there yet either. For one thing, I still refuse to speed... and I also always use my turn signals! (I am also in the habit of driving with headlights all the time - I want to be visible, and the BF, who is very safety conscious, has convinced me it's a good idea.)

So. A good afternoon!

*Speaking of being a dork... it's not like I think that's a bad thing. If you're on tribe, I invite you to come by my favourite tribe: *Sexy Dork*! It can be found at

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