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Lost Cat

So I went to visit my cat yesterday. He's 19 and he lives with my ex, as I was not able to get a place that allowed cats when I moved out during the divorce.

I always thought I'd have him come live with me when I could, and now when I finally am living in a place where I could have a cat I am having to face the fact that it is never going to happen. He seems to be just too old to deal well with moving and I can't do that to him.

So instead of having him around all the time, I get to see him every now and then for 5 minutes. And it breaks my fucking heart. He was my first kitty and he is a wonderful cat. We were always very close. When my mom died, he took such good care of me, always sticking close by, climbing onto my lap with amazing gentleness and purring so softly, clearly concerned about me.

He is being well taken care of, so that helps (if he wasn't, I would have him out of there in a heartbeat!) but he is just lost to me now, and I'm incredibly upset.

When they had a baby, a few months ago, I thought it would be ther perfect time for Pounce to come live with me, as they have their hands full, and I am around a lot. Peter says that Pouncer is too old to deal with moving, and worries about him getting used to another cat being around. I don't see the other cat being an issue, as she is very mellow and not aggro in the least - they'd probably actually enjoy each other's company as both of them are old and chill. But, sad to say, it seems that it may be true that he is just too old to deal well with moving.

Please do NOT suggest I get another cat. It will only make me feel worse. There is already "another cat" here, and while she is perfectly nice, she isn't Pounce. I want MY cat. And it just ain't gonna happen.

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