red-headed stepchild in the house of love (djmermaid) wrote,
red-headed stepchild in the house of love

Awesome weekend!

I need to post more here. I get so busy and whole weeks pass, and then when I want to look back there's nothing there.

I've actually had two awesome weekends in a row. Last weekend was Halloween with dressing up and crazy parties. This weekend was chill and productive. What both had in common: good times with my darling man.

Yesterday (Saturday - it's still Sunday night as far as I'm concerned) we spent most of our time working our asses off on a commission. I so love working together in our sewing shop. (The icon is a bit misleading as I do hardly any machine sewing - I mostly cut stuff out, design, draft patterns, and do hand sewing where necessary, but I like the photo, which was taken by my friend Sue Ann.)

We fell into bed exhausted and (after some lovely just-about-to-fall-asleep-cuddling) I slept really well.

Today we had to check out the REI garage sale, and after scooping up our share of the dealios, we hit up Zachary's for lunch. I need to wean myself off the cheese, but it's SO YUMMY! Giving it up (again) would be the best thing for me though. Pizza without cheese is probably still pretty good. After that we took a bit of a tour of north Berkeley and went up to Indian Rock and saw the sunset. Lovely! It was fun clambering around on the rocks, and the view was stupendous.

Then we came back here and worked some more. We paused for a quick dinner of soup I made on Fryday and then back at it. I love working with Jovino. I love just being with him too, of course - but we work really well together and I am constantly delighted by our collaborations. We have a rad relationship and an awesome life together! I am a lucky woman, and do I ever know it.

I also got started on taking inventory so that we can build up stock for the winter season (hopefully we'll have a crazy rush for the holidays) and then FC on the second weekend in January. This will be the fourth time both of us have been there, and our second year vending and we have some great ideas up our sleeves!

I love this. I am so dedicated to making it happen, and I totally look forward to seeing it as it unfolds!
Tags: bunnywarez, jovino, love, yay

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