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<3 Getting Married in SF <3

I have never posted about current events in my journal (it's supposed to be about *me*, dammit...) ;-)

And I figure not that many people read it anyway, and they are all perfectly capable of searching things up on the web themselves.

But I feel so passionately about this that I can't help it! (If I knew how to make those cute little hearts, they'd be all over my recent posts.) Other than <3 <3 <3, I mean.

I just saw this and wanted to pass along the info on how to obtain a marriage license in SF.

I am as delighted as can be at all of this news. Newsom, who I'd frankly doubted would turn out to be a good mayor, has really impressed me with his handling of this.

He got the idea after hearing Bush's State of the Union address - it inspired him to act to do what he feels is right: end this blatant discrimination.

His position is that the state law saying marriage can only be "between a man and a woman" (the Knight Initiative from a few years back) is in violation of the State's Constitution, which contains an Equal Protection Clause, very clearly forbidding discrimination. And in the case of an unconstitutional law, the Constitution trumps.

And he had it researched on the downlow, which has definitely helped keep the opposition off balance (and as yet unable to get any of their attempted injunctions upheld by the Courts.) The next attempt will be on this Friday; it will, of course, be closely watched. My fondest hope is that they will throw it out, allowing the weddings to continue all weekend (and hopefully beyond.) There is certainly no lack of demand!

Everyone keep your fingers crossed!

Here's Newsom's most recent statement on the matter: (thanks to LJ user whipsnkisses (sorry, I keep messing up the tag somehow.)

"Stated simply, my actions are consistent with California’s Constitution, the highest law of our state. There is no ambiguity in our Constitution when it comes to discrimination. It is prohibited.

The oath I took last month directs me to uphold the California Constitution. I am proud to honor my oath of office, defend the state’s Constitution and reject injustice in our city.

I ask the President to meet Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin and discuss with them why they simply want the same rights as a couple of 51 years that my wife and I enjoy today."

Yeah!!! Rock on, Gavin!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 !!!

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