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Uh Huh, That's Right

Ahhh... well, I'm feeling better now!

Two gigs in two days - haven't had that for a while. Both went really well! The Sisters' party on Fryday was fun, and despite some technical difficulties (I think their rig was overheating, it is a fucking OVEN back in the DJ area) I really enjoyed spinning.

Hanging out with the Sisters is always a treat too, and I had good conversations with Edith and Flora, a lovely encounter with Sister Erotica Psychotica (from LA) as well as a very nice Sister from Vegas whose name I didn't catch, and I even saw Sister Dana! I also got a LOT of attention from this shirtless dude (who looked like one of those gay porn boys, but who was clearly at least bi) who for some reason thought I was hot (or has a girl DJ fetish or something.) He was very friendly, just this side of too friendly. Of course it didn't hurt that I could run off to the DJ booth whenever I felt like it. Don't get me wrong, I like being flirted with - but that's as far as it's going to go, and it's always nicest when they figure that out without having to be told. (And lest ye think I was being a cock-tease, please understand that I was *not* flirting back, I was being polite but not in the least bit encouraging.) Boys!

I wound up staying there a bit later than I'd originally planned, but it was a lovely night, and I certainly wouldn't have traded dancing to Xanadu with the lovely Sisters as Flora looked down from the booth for anything... 1:30am or not!

Also, I have to say that the N'Touch treats its DJs right. Both times I've spun there it was an absolute treat. Everyone was super nice to me, especially the staff, and I had no need of drickets as the bartenders recognized me and set me up any time I came around.

Today went by quickly - cuddling, sewing, burritos... then it was time to load the van. Jovino treats me so well - he helped with the packing and the van loading, and the Magic Box he gave me last xmas guided me to yet another place I'd never driven to before - SUCH a stress reducer! I hope he realizes how much it helps me, and how grateful I am to have it. I am a Lucky Fucking Girl!

My only regret with so much DJ work is that it really cut into the time I'd usually have with Jovino. I got spoiled by our week(+) together on the playa, and now all we get are little snippets of time here and there, evenings and weekends. Much as I love getting a lot of DJ work, I just wish it didn't cut into our time together so much. (Even after 2+ years together, I am so happy, so in love, and so *fulfilled* in this relationship!) And like the cat that you got from the pound, you'd best believe that I appreciate it.

So, off to the DJ gig. When I got there, I saw that it was a pirate theme - had I known that in advance, it would have been easier to decide what to wear! Not that it mattered, really. I got set up and started off with some downtempo. Eventually I segue'd into faster stuff, and before long I was hitting the Electrohouse - probably a bit earlier than I should have, but it just seemed right to go for it. And let me tell you, that shit went OVER! Oh. My. God! They were eating it up! People kept coming up to me to compliment me, and several said they'd never heard such good music at a play party before. I even had a few people *dancing* (at a play party, yo!) You know I was loving it!

So I threw down teh 'lectrohouse until I was seriously running out of material - I even repeated one or two of the choicest tracks. (If anyone noticed, they didn't seem to mind.) Gotta pick up more of that stuff! It's sizzling hott right now, and SO much fun to spin! It's perfect for play parties too - most of it has little or no words, and then there's that phat bass that makes you forget everything else... but isn't the "infinite beat" of techno - there is a lot of variation/shading. Add to that the electro remakes of older music, and there ya go!

Eventually it was time for a short wind-down set, to help bring the folks still deep in their scenes back down to earth. I do love a good wind-down - as a DJ I find it personally satisfying, and as a listener I appreciate the subtle cue that things are ending and it's time to get ready to go.

Packing up my gear, I had a big smile on my face. This was the first event this group put on, and it was clearly a roaring success! I will be VERY surprised if they don't go on to throw more parties. Hopefully I'll be invited back! Even if not, I know that my music added a lot to the night - many of the women made it a point to tell me so.

I haven't even touched on how pleased I was to see some friends of mine - in particular, three lovely ladies, one of whom I'd never met in person before, and the others who I don't see often, but always encounter at the best events - I had lovely moments with all of them, and in particular with one friend who gave me some really useful insight around some things I've been dealing with lately, in our brief encounter - and I didn't even miss a cue! All three of them warmed my heart and brought a smile to my face. Can't ask for more than that!

And tomorrow I'll go check out the Folsom Street Fair with my wonderful love and smile with awesome memories of the weekend, and then we'll probably come back here and work on our new online catalog. Fuck Yeah!

I have to say, I fucking LOVE living in the bay area! :-D

And more than that (SO MUCH more than that!) I love my wonderful man, jovino.

Uh huh, that's right!

k, time for BED! INTO that! :-D
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