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back from the other side...

...and boy are my arms tired!

Heh heh heh.

So, another amazing year out on the playa - and I would have to say one of my very favorites (out of 11 trips.) I've enjoyed every year in different ways, but this year and last year really stand out.

I'm working on a longer report, but for now, some highlights:

- BLD rules! (Yay for camping with grown-ups, who have their shit together, know how to do it, and pull their own weight!) I have known some of these folks for 10 years, and they rock the freakin' playa.

- I am more in love with my wonderful partner jovino than ever.

- I dressed more hoochy than ever before, and have the inexplicable tan lines to prove it!

- I wound up not bringing my DJ gear out, for the first time evar. This actually worked out really well, and both Jovino and I got to spin truly great sets out there, if I do say so myself.

- Our project went great and made a lot of people happy - more on this later.

- Lots of good talks with Jovino - about bunnywarez (many ideas and a lot of inspiration), about art, and about stuff in general. Did I mention how freakin' happy I am with this man?

- Lots and lots and lots of unh unh unh unh unh too!!!

- Props to the Space Cowboys - everywhere we went, there they were, throwing down from their tricked out Unimog!

- Bunnies! (More on this later.)

- Track of the year: Just Fuck, by Tom Neville. We pretty much took its advice too!

- We made up an In and Out list which may even get published in next year's Piss Clear! (We took it over on Sunday and it made Adrian laugh, which is all the validation I need, though of course I will be thrilled if it actually hits print.)

- I am now thoroughly addicted to (of all things) pizza - thanks, Larry! (Pizza Larry, that is - not that Other Larry.)

- The Dusty Bunny Bar, voted Best Little Drive-Up Bar on the playa!

- Good times, good friends, good champagne, and a great new burn night tradition!

- And, the usual Metric Fuckton of stuff to clean, put away, etc. Better get back to it - but I will be posting a detailed report at some point.

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