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Thank You

I just want to say Thank You to everyone who has commented on my posts angsting over issues surrounding my previous relationship. I appreciate your words of compassion and support more than you can know. I am leaving all the comments screened on all of these posts because some folks have said some really personal things and I want to respect that.

Because of that, I can't respond individually (it automatically unscreens them if I do) so I am saying a blanket thank you here. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope you realize how much your thoughtful words have helped me get my head around some of this stuff. I also appreciate the offers of in person conversations and I would love to take you all up on them - I don't know if I have time before I go (and right now I am in a pretty ok place with it all) but hopefully at some point we will get the chance to connect in person. I would like that a lot.

It's been really good for me to think about this stuff, and try to work through it a bit before heading out to Burning Man this weekend, where I will be camping in the same village as the ex. I do not intend to have many interactions with him, but I doubt it will be possible to avoid him completely. Having this stuff a bit more thought through will stand me in good stead. Funny how last year I actually mostly felt sorry for him, since I'd broken up with him less than a month before the event, and he'd convinced me it had just about ruined his life! Now I feel quite differently.

Anyway, that said, I am really looking forward to being out there - I know I will have an amazing week and enjoy myself thoroughly! Burning Man is one of my absolute favorite places to be, despite all the dust, heat, idiots with bullhorns and even the noxious ex. I have some great plans for the week - including a whole lot of relaxing and chilling out with my darling Jovino, who certainly deserves a week off.

See you out there... or on the other side!

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