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Pre-Playa Planning and Packing

I've been going to Burning Man for so long that it's almost easy at this point.

This weekend has been filled with preparations of various sorts, plus some fun stuff.

Yesterday jovino and I worked in the sewing shop in the morning, but when lunch time came we decided to get away for a bit. We biked to Bart, which we took to Berkeley and had a lovely lunch in our favorite crepe place. Then we hit up downtown Berkeley for some shopping and fun. We decided to check out the goth girls in Hot Topic, and discovered that there were no goth girls that day (more like indy girls, or whatever they call it now - but not goth, way too dressed down for that.) They did have a goth boy who was all decked out in long black coat and fancy eye makeup. I found a cute little bustier type top on the sale rack which will be perfect for biking around BRC the week after next (the week after next!?!?!?!)

Then we checked out Mars, leaving with a rad dirndl for me (green with pink embroidery flowers which perfectly match my hair!) and a super tight pair of vintage shorts for Jovino (DROOL!) ;-) I'm not sure if I'll be bringing the dirndl - for one thing, I still need the little white top with poofy sleeves to go under it - but it was SO perfect (and inexpensive) that I had to have it.

After that we biked over to Buffalo Exchange for more fashiony goodness, where we ran into Sinthia and I remembered that I'd made an appointment to wax my you-know-what at our friends' annual pre-playa waxing/spa party. This prompted us to rush through tryons and leap back on our bikes. Jovino called ahead and got the address, and we wound up biking all the way over to Harrison Street in Oakland. Fun!!!

We arrived in plenty of time since the schedule was running late, and I relaxed with a cold beer before steeling my nerves for my very first waxing.

The end result: my eyebrows look fantastic! And so does my you-know-what. ;-) It hurt, but not excruciatingly. I think I'll probably keep doing it, unless I get horrible ingrowns or something.

Jovino got a much needed massage too. Then he biked home to get the van while I hung out at the party. We had a lovely dinner at La Pinata and crashed for the night.

Today we are doing various pre-playa tasks. He's working on his bike and I am compiling lists of food etc. I expect we'll do some more sewing later on, and we may even be able to work on our own projects since I think we should be done with the orders! That's rad, because there are a few things I want to get sewn - gotta have a few fab new items for our week out there.

Oh and the supplies for our interactive art project arrived, prompting much excitement!

If you're going, we'll (hopefully) see you out there!

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