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Catching up - adventures of a red-headed stepchild in the house of love — LiveJournal
mermaid on the mic
Catching up
So dance class last night was an interesting experience... when I started getting ready I began to feel reluctant about going, and the closer it got to time to go, the more I was dreading it. If I hadn't made plans to go with a friend, I'd have totally backed out (I could have stayed home and *folded laundry* instead - that was what I would have much preferred to do at the time!) I think it had to do with it being my first time back since before burning man and my 6 weeks of having a hurt foot, and feeling like I am out of practice, out of shape, and just starting over again. Having to catch up. And not wanting to look in the mirror... I have mirror issues. Anyway, I went because I believe that it is really important to keep the dates/plans I make and not flake.

And as it turned out, I was glad I went. I *AM* out of practice and out of shape (not to mention rather stiff), but by the end it felt really good to be there. At least I can still play zils well! It was nice to see Carolena... she's an excellent teacher. I wish I could study with her more but I just have to change formats. As I was leaving, I saw one of my oldest dance friends on her way in to take the advanced class and it was sweet to see her.

I shouldn't sit here too long... I need to hit the decks! I have a gig this weekend and I have a bunch of "new" rare groove and disco (as in, new to me, natch) that I would love to mess with. I blew the remainder of my Amoeba credit last week (bye-bye vinyl collection) and got some great new stuff. Ironically enough, now that I finally got around to unloading all my old vinyl, I'm seriously contemplating purchasing a turntable. I found this *incredible* used record shop that is stacked literally to the roof with yummy looking old LPs... disco!! funk!! and actual rare groove!!! (I always feel slightly silly saying I spin rare groove on CDs... as technically if it is on CD there ain't no grooves... and how "rare" can it be?) But that's what they call it. I just discovered this cute track "Give Me Your Love" by Sylvia Striplin... this is where Armand van Helden lifted the bass riff for his soopernasty track "Full Moon". Wish it was longer. Can't wait to play it out!

Butanyway. All I'd need is one turntable w/a decent cartridge because I'd be burning it all to CD so I could spin it on my 1000s. It wouldn't even matter if there was a little surface noise because it would fit fine with this music. It's just my fantasy at this point... but, damn! I just about started drooling standing there looking at the stacks and stacks of old rekkids... a digger's dream, that place. And the guy who runs it seems to know what he has and where it is... so who knows. I crave more funk-disco and latin-disco instrumental jams and they are so few and far between on CD. And I KNOW that place has got to be full of 'em!

Of course if I'm going to fantasize about gear, let's not forget the subwoofer I've been dreaming of! Just the kick my lil' system needs, as was oh so apparent at the last campout when we got to use one and it Kicked Ass!!

OK, off the compter and onto the *decks*! Mwah!

I'm feeling: productive productive
I'm hearing: Give Me Your Love - Sylvia Striplin

Gimme Some Love!