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Shouldn't have peeked at my email just now...

So my ex, Peter, just had a new baby. He posted in the family blog about our old kitty Pounce keeping them up after the baby went to sleep and it gave me the idea that maybe Pounce could come live with me now.

So I emailed him about it. And he said no. He thinks Pounce is too old, would freak out over Jovino's cat (who, I'm sorry, but she is the wussiest cat EVAR and I am sure they'd quickly sort it out and become friends. She is ULTRA chill, and not very big to boot.) She's wouldn't bug him, it's just not her temperament.

This just makes me SO sad! When I first moved out I bent over backwards to let him keep the house (when I could have forced him to sell it and pay me off all at once.) I moved into a place that didn't allow cats, because I really did not have a lot of options. And now that I could have a cat, he is deciding for me that it isn't a good idea. I miss the HELL out of my kitty, and I just don't think it's fair that he won't even consider it! I'm around a LOT to take care of him too.

Besides, once the baby is big enough to get around, you know he is going to hassle Pouncer - not on purpose, but just because babies don't know any better, and they don't know that cats (or other people, for that matter) have feelings.

Maybe I can plead my case again then, but for right now, I am SO disappointed. I have been dreaming of having Pouncer come live with me ever since I had to move out, and Jovino said yes to it, and I can't see why it couldn't work out and now I am just fucking crushed.


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