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FURMEET at SF PRIDE! 2pm Sunday!

Hi everyone!

My furiend Aaron Neonbunny (aka Aaron da Starfox) is calling a meetup at the Pride celebration this weekend in SF!

We would love to see furries of all stripes get together. Come hang out with us and meet other fun furs!

I'm planning to dress in my hot pink tiger kitten ensemble, and I'll likely be behind the DJ decks at the appointed time for the meetup, so you won't be able to miss me. I'm the DJ chick with the pink hair.

Jovino Bunny will also be spinning! If you were at Further Confusion, you might remember us from the Bunnywarez booth that was out in the hall near the registration tables. (This time we're not vending, just there to celebrate and play some fun music!)

Aaron will either be a neon green and pink bunny, a red and white fox with a star on the belly, or maybe just sporting a furry vest (it's been pretty hot outside lately.) He'll be throwing down later in the day, so even if you're not there in time for the meet you can stop by and check out his music.

We're all friendly folks, so come say hi to us!

The meetup will be in the Faerie Freedom Village around 2pm, opposite end from the stage (typically the stage is at the end closest to Market Street.) The Faerie Freedom Village will be located under the trees between Hyde and Leavenworth, south of McAllister and north of the Civic Center Plaza / Civic Center BART stop. A number of the people involved in the FFV are furries, and it is a lovely shady spot with friendly folks, so it seems the ideal place to meet up.

If you're looking for the entrance to the FFV and not sure where it is, there are vending booths surrounding the entrance, so keep an eye out for the trees and you will be sure to find it.

There is even a space you can use to suit up in the Village! There will be a tent behind the stage, which is shared by performers and others in the village. You can leave your suit bin there, although it's not wise to leave anything really valuable as there is no security. Everyone in the FFV is friendly and nice, but it's wise to keep in mind that since Pride is a big event (drawing over a million people to the overall festival) it's just best to be cautious.

I hope to see you there! Don't be shy - come up and say hi!

I will also be DJing the night before, in the Castro at the annual Pink Saturday party at 18th and Castro, out in front of Bank of America. It's always quite the party!

Hope to see you there!
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