red-headed stepchild in the house of love (djmermaid) wrote,
red-headed stepchild in the house of love

No Matter How We Spend It...'s never enough time in the weekend.

So, I spent most of saturday doing makeup for the Cloud Factory Design Collective's annual fashion show. It was exhausting but fun, tiring but totally rewarding!

I was on my feet for 7+ hours, working to create the looks envisioned by the designers for the show - my first ever experience with doing makeup for a runway presentation. It was a blast and a half! Everyone looked great, and all the designers seemed pleased with my work. I hope the photos come out! Today (Monday) I'm still a little sore from it.

Yesterday was spent working on stuff around the house - getting things organized, and helping Jovino with the skylight. Then we drove out to Concord to pick up a big mirrored closet door found on freecycle to give to my good friend Wendy. She is a bellydancer and bellydance teacher who is in the renowned Americal Tribal Style troupe Fat Chance Bellydance and I wanted her to have a better practice mirror at home. These closet doors are great because you can stretch out your arms and see *both of your hands at once* in them! I was very pleased to be able to help my friend, and it was super sweet of Jovino to spend the time helping me move it.

He and I also had some good talks together while on the errand, and afterwards at dinner. We are approaching our 2nd anniversary together, and things are really good between us, with all indications for more happiness and love in the future. We're even planning a silly playa project for burning man this year! Hehehehehehe

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