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What They Don't Tell You

So... it's been a while since I've updated. Lots going on...

Tomorrow is the fashion show that we'd hoped to take part in, but had to drop out of because we realized we wouldn't have enough time to do it justice. That turned out to be a good call, and I am really glad we were able to figure it out in time for it not to cause a lot of problems for them. I'm helping with makeup, that should be fun. I've been organizing my kit and making sure my brushes are all clean and ready to go.

I haven't seen any info on any of the looks the designers are going for, which is a bit stressful, but hopefully nothing will be too complicated. I can do the glamour/beauty thing quite proficiently, so if it's mostly that it should be a piece of cake.

I pulled out a few of my favorite makeup books for a quick review, which mostly means poring over the photos. (Not "pouring" over them - this mistake is one of my pet peeves! "Pouring" has to do with liquids. When you examine something very closely, you pore over it - you inspect every pore! Which is exactly what I'm doing with my favorite large format makeup photo books.)

There's some info to be gleaned from the text as well, but if you really know what to look for, it soon becomes obvious that the text glosses over so much of what the makeup artist has really done. They all do this! They say "Get the look" and then leave out half of what it actually takes.

So many of these models are dripping in contour, but the books never seem to mention that. They'll just say "apply concealer if and where needed" and ignore the fact that the model has full-on pancake makeup in two or three shades, sculpting her face. As well as multiple shades of lip color, which are often passed off as "use golden lip gloss" - sure, over the top of the liner, darker overall lip shade, and the lighter shade used in the center of the lips to create the appearance of fullness. I've even seen it done with eye shadow - an application of several shades of plum is described as "brush on some soft plum shadow" totally ignoring that anyone can see that there is one shade on the lid, one in the crease, one on the brow bone and a fourth around the inner eye! Not to mention the body makeup - they certainly don't! But all of them have it. A little shine on the shoulder, some more contour between the boobs, or an all over gloss to bring out the collarbones and curves.

Next time you are waiting in line in the supermarket, grab a fashion magazine and check out the cover girl, and see if you can see the contour on her face. (Darker on the sides of the nose, lighter down the bridge... etc.) Pics of Jennifer Anniston are always good for this exercise - they contour that girl like there's no tomorrow!

Don't get me wrong, I have learned a lot from these books, and I am SO glad I didn't blow my savings on going to makeup school (when I could buy some books, practice on myself and my friends, and blow my savings on starting my sewing business instead!)

I've learned so much by looking analytically at the images and not relying so heavily on the text. Everyone does things a little differently too, especially the order of things. Some put on lashes first, some last. Some put on the foundation and concealer last, so as to make any mistakes with the eye color easier to clean up. The other thing I have really found useful is watching pro artists at work and seeing what they do. I have picked up a lot of useful knowledge that way.

Anyway, wish me luck! After tomorrow, I'll have a runway fashion show credit to go with my print credit, in my nascent portfolio. I may wind up a "real" makeup artist yet! (And if you want to play with makeup with me, hit me up - one of my specialties is working with real people to help figure out what works and how to best use the makeup you already have. It's a lot of fun!)

In other news, I got a new bike! It's a cute vintage schwinn girl's bike which Jovino converted to a single speed. It rides really nicely and I totally love it. I'd been wanting to replace my old huffy 10 speed (which used to be Peter's) with a nice cruiser. I even convinced him to put the rear saddlebaskets from the old huffy on it, despite the added weight. The huffy is going to a homeless dude he met who wants to become a bike messenger. He wants a geared bike, so he'll be getting the 10 speed and I get the lovely schwinn.

Oh, and this morning Jovino gave me the yummiest hug/cuddle while we were brushing our teeth together. Melt!

Well, I better get back at it. I have nearly all of the boxes out of the main living space here, and want to make a further dent in it today. And even though it's much too hot to even consider it, I really ought to eat something.

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