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That's More Like It

So as I was heading over to the DJ gig, I saw a rainbow up in the sky, over downtown Oakland - and it wasn't even raining! It really was a rainbow, though - I saw both ends!

Things turned around after that. I walked in the door, and saw many familiar faces. A friend grabbed one of my CD cases and carried it in for me. Most of my gear was already there, so that made setup a lot easier. The live musicians were still playing, and two friends helped me quickly set up, and another brought me a glass of red wine. I spun downtempo for a while, and talked with folks who came up to me, including a gentleman who was going to do a tap dancing performance. We discussed his music and when he wanted to go on. Then, one of the coordinators asked me to "bring it up" after the dancing - to more uptempo music. No problem!

The tap dancer was fun, and the audience was enthusiastic. When he'd finished, I switched gears and started playing some faster music, eventually working my way over to some of the electroclash-y stuff I'd played at camp last weekend (which was AWESOMELY WONDERFUL and just the break I was needing! Haven't had time to sit down and journal about it, but I sure was glad to be there.) People really dug my music at the gallery (well, at camp too for that matter - Jovino spun a super rad set too) and told me so. So the day ended a lot better than it had been.

Well, I have a ton of stuff to do, so I'll keep this one brief.

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