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I'm not very happy right now.

There is a very unpleasant situation going on, which should be resolving itself soon (but not soon enough for me.) I have not been writing about it, but it has been bothering me for some time now.


All my friends are getting ready to go on a campout this weekend - one of the trips that I have been going on for years, since the group started doing them. I'm not going, because we signed up for a craft fair in the city, not realizing it was the same weekend until after we'd paid the fee, and then we made what seemed to be the smart decision of choosing the business over "pleasure" (although I also customarily had an organizing role at these events, and the planners were expecting me to be able to do it again this time as well. So, it wasn't *just* a party. And this also meant that no matter what I chose, i was going to feel badly about it.) I agonized over what to do, and eventually decided that the business had to come first.

That was before all this other BS came up. Now, I am exhausted, we hardly have time enough to get stuff ready for the sale, and with all the additional stress, I am REALLY regretting my seemingly sensible decision from before. In fact, I'd like to cry, but I'm TOO TIRED. I need a fucking break from all of this, and it's just not going to happen!


Well, enough of this. I have to go to the post office and mail out some orders.
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