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Well, I fell asleep in the middle of writing this post yesterday evening... so here it is today. (I think I'm coming down with something, got to dig out my stash of echinacea. Let's hope it's not the bird flu. I did work really hard moving boxes and furniture around all day, but it's not like me to fall asleep while writing. And today I am definitely feeling a little off. Ugh.) But, enough of that, here's the happies from yesterday!

I am writing this from my new room in Jovino's warehouse! (the former "fishbowl" of the Scout era, for those who remember the place then.)

I spent the day moving boxes out of our living room, and getting organized. Now my little office corner is much more set up. I still need to shim the bookshelves so I can populate them with books, and I've also stacked the majority of the boxes I have here in that corner, because this room needs a thorough cleaning before I can really get it set up - but I could not resist a few cozy touches here and there, so I could come in and lounge a bit. Overall I am feeling SO good about it!

I am currently chilling out on the futon (still in here from Daniel's recent residency.) It's in the spot where I will place my cushy bed once the room has been thoroughly cleaned and the (somewhat stained and folded, but 100% wool) carpet I scored from freecycle laid down. I plan to put some nice rugs over it, and it will provide great insulation from the cement floor. (Remind me never to get *white* carpet! On second thought, I'm pretty sure I'll remember that.)

It has been a long time since I have felt so at home. Blair's place was cool, and I did enjoy setting up my little corner, but there was never quite enough room for me and my stuff there, even before exbf moved in. (The space crunch was only a part of why that was a bad idea... but it most assuredly didn't help.) After I split up with exbf, I needed some distance from the space, and also with the sewing workshop over here (not to mention the kitty) it just made sense to be here more than my place.

But, while I did feel at home here, I didn't actually *live* here, and I was always having to go across town to get something (or take something back so as not to take up too much space.) It's going to be great to have all of my stuff in one place, and better organized.

I am so enjoying getting set up and creating my space here. I even have a place for a desk, and at least twice as much bookshelf space as I used to! Soon my little office corner is where I will usually be posting from, instead of the dining table. Hooray for that! ; ) I haven't had a desk in I don't know how long. And the bookshelf crunch was really a bummer - I hate getting rid of books. It's like pulling teeth.

It is looking like I will have no problem being out of the old place by the end of the month, which I was rather concerned about until just recently... Monday night, as a matter of fact. I was given the use of a 14' truck for Monday and with the help of my good friends Lane and Joseph (who helped pack too, since getting the truck was a last minute surprise) and of course Jovino, we managed to get all the big stuff moved over. I am super grateful to all three of them. There are still boxes in the garage and back room, but it's a manageable number, especially since MotA has offered to help me also. It's really happening!

This big push also has taken away a lot of my fear around whether we'd have the time to get enough stuff made for our next sale on the 28th (Capsule SF, in Hayes Valley near the park there.) We did really well at the Maker Faire and we need to stock back up on quite a few items, and of course we have new ideas waiting in the wings.

And with that I will finish up here, so I can go get stuff done... just wanted to record my happy moment from yesterday so that I can look back on it. I hope everyone out there is doing well... I have not had time to read very much online lately being so absorbed in moving and other stuff, though I do dip in here and there.

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