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red-headed stepchild in the house of love

My Weekend State

What a weekend. On Friday I went to a friend's party with the BF. I knew most of the people there and had a really good time talking with folks. By the end of the night BF and I had a soak out in the hot tub by ourselves... it really made me want to have one of my own again. Someday. We had a rather intense conversation out there for a while... we need to keep up on communicating about important stuff, not just who's doing what when, if it's time to do laundry again yet, etc. It went well though. We have a high level of understanding and trust, and we both really listen to each other. And there is a lot of love. That always helps.

On Saturday we were supposed to take it easy, but got a call from a friend who was having a last minute potluck party. We got to see the newest baby in our group of friends - so cute! She's still so young that all she does is look around, but she's clearly interested in everything that's going on. She was staring at me for several minutes - you'd think she never saw someone with pink hair before! %-)

I'm still feeling a bit overstuffed from that one. Or maybe it's just that I'm not used to greasy food any more. I usually eat fairly healthy stuff. Unlike most of my friends, I dislike bacon. And I don't care for fast food in general. Of course, there is the exception that proves the rule. Everyone has a weakness for something. In my case, the weakness is KFC. And my friends with the baby brought a big bucket. Uh-oh.

Something that I haven't mentioned here is that I recently started weight watchers. Since moving to the east bay, I've gained a bunch of weight and I no longer fit into clothes I'd worn for years. I want to get into better shape and I'd really like my old wardrobe back, so it's gotten to the point where I need to either do something about it, or chuck my favorite clothes and spend money on bigger ones. Several of my friends have had good luck with WW so I decided to give it a try.

For my first week I did great, I didn't even use all my flex points (you get a daily total, plus flex points for the week that you can use whenever.) I lost 5 pounds. Then Saturday rolls around. I knew I was going to eat a lot and I wasn't particularly worried. But I hadn't planned for KFC. Just about any other fast food I could have resisted - and I've even done well with chocolate! But KFC, oh I had to have it. And then to make matters worse, someone tried smearing guacamole on the chicken. Oh. My. GOD! Was that ever TASTY! I only had one piece. But when I got home and looked it up, it turned out to be 12 points all by itself, even before the guac! Oh the evils of fried food. Bye bye, flex points!

The funny thing is I still feel kinda icky. Back to yummy organic salads for me!

On Sunday BF and I hit up the REI sale, the really cheap one when they sell all the returned stuff that can't be put back out. We made out like bandits! Nice trail runners for $5 a pair, nice comfy new goggles for avoiding dust storms (my old ones are so scratched) and the deal of the day: Garmin Rino GPS talkies!! These puppies generally cost around $170 each, and we'd been admiring them for a while. We found a returned pair for less than half of that, and because it was Sunday (and we were buying other stuff) they knocked 'em down even more. These things are amazing. They know where they are, and they can transmit their location to each other. They have all sorts of useful features, even a sun and moon calendar so we'll know when to expect the moon or the sun to come up. What good fortune! It doesn't even seem like anything is wrong with them. I think someone bought them to take on a trip and then returned them afterwards, taking advantage of REI's amazing return policy. I never expected to get a deal like that. Bandits, I tell you! I can't wait for camping season to start.

The only sad/ironic part is that I'm not going to burning man this year. :-( Timing and finances are against it so I'm taking a year off - the first since I started going back in 1996.

I know we'll still go camping on other playa trips, and I'm sure we'll plan a really fun labor day weekend, but I know I'm going to miss it. I won't miss the lack of stress in August, trying to get everything ready in time, or the expense, but I will deeply miss the rest of it. In fact, I already do. It's been a big part of my life for a long time. My life has really changed since I first started going, and I love being out there.

Well, all I can do is hope they change the dates as they've been considering doing. Otherwise it's just impossible for people in school - I'd have to miss an entire week of school, since it starts so early now. When I was a kid, school started *after* labor day. I don't know when it changed, but it has and now it's keeping me from being able to attend Burning Man. I hate having to choose, but school is important. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will move it up so that all the people affected by the school year can make it out there.

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