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Good stuff

1) cleaning the house! it feels so much better when it's clean.

2) Jovino finding a BIG mirror (for free) in perfect condition that is wide enough to use for dance practice! (It's a closet door that someone discarded. It is taller than I am, and I can stretch my arms out fully and still see both my hands in it!) : D

3) cleaning and rearranging the living room to accommodate the new mirror and incorporate a nice freecycle'd rug (wool, berber style) and when we finished, finding that the whole room just feels better now!

4) the rad chandelier that Jovino made for the living room - it improves the lighting in there SO much

5) fondling ropes and cleats at west marine!

6) hot tea on demand

7) hella yummy potato leek soup on Fryday; waffles at midnight yesterday; learning how to make a veggie stock and having it be sooo good the first time; risotto (incorporating the stock) on the way just as soon as I decide it is a decent hour to run the blender - everything delicious, healthy and cheap! I love to cook.

8) the rain FINALLY STOPPING - maybe spring is really here!

9) cuddling on the couch watching movies in OUR-MAX (rad video projector + huge living room = movie nights in the future! of course, now I want a popcorn wagon...)

10) the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! (had to have its own line)

11) super chill and friendly houseguest (he's here for cooking school and we've really been enjoying talking food and cooking.)

12) dance class kicking my ASS last monday - looking forward to it again tomorrow!

13) bunnywarez! (orders; random people liking our hats; friends liking our hats; video room guy insisting on squeaking my bunny ear as soon as I walked in... etc!)

14) new haircut - I actually *cut my own hair* (talk about edge play!) ; ) but it came out really well, especially considering I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm sure Wendy will perfect it the next time I go in, but in the meantime I have a cute little angled bob and slightly shorter but still asymmetrical bangs. whee!

15) JOVINO!!!

oh yeah, I am a lucky fuckin' girl!!!!!
Tags: bunnywarez, gratitude, love

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