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Rakkasah musings - adventures of a red-headed stepchild in the house of love — LiveJournal
mermaid on the mic
Rakkasah musings
I'm back from Rakkasah, the world's largest bellydance festival. It happens every year in Richmond (which means I can get there on bart.) I hadn't been able to make it for the past couple of years, so was especially excited to get there this time.

Unfortunately, it was a bit of a letdown. In the past, I would spend the whole day there (maybe even both days) catching up with beloved dance friends, watching dancers perform, and shopping and hanging out. This year, there was hardly anyone I knew around.

Ellen is in Spain. Mishaal is coming in May for Tribal Fest (it's a long way from Tokyo so I can't blame her for skipping this one, much as I would love to see my homegirl!) Delilah didn't come, neither did Mesmera or Magic Circle (Lenny and Ginger.) I did see Hanya and Armando, who was as fun and funny as always (of course) but no sign of Sol. I went by the table for FCBD several times but saw no one I knew, ditto for Dhyanis.

Kajira's troupe is scheduled to perform but I don't think she was in town herself, though of course she will be at Tribal Fest in May. And these are just the people I know well! I also used to see Melissa from time to time (she's a lovely dancer from So Cal who sometimes dancers with her bird) and other friends I knew from retreats, Gazelle from AZ who made lovely hand dyed silk veils and skirts... and on and on. It was so strange. I used to be unable to walk 10 feet without running into someone I knew, but not today.

I dragged Jovino along with me, and I think he had an ok time, but it was kinda just like walking around at a big trade show, without all the interactions I was expecting. We were just about to leave when we ran into Wendy and some friends. That was really nice, so it was a little bit of what I was hoping for, but other than that it was mostly just shopping (we didn't manage to time ourselves with the performer schedule at all, and just missed FCBD (though I did glimpse Carolena from afar.)

So, that was ok. I used to come away from rakkasah inspired and excited, but it just didn't happen for me this time. I didn't even buy any videos. I have a few other things on my mind which may have distracted me somewhat from thoroughly enjoying it, but I also truly think the whole thing was just a bit off.

We took bart home, made Hello Kitty waffles and used them as naan with a delicious bowl of dal afterwards. That was the best part of the day so far!

More later...

I'm hearing: the sound of the heater keeping us warm and cozy

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From: catwoman69y2k Date: March 26th, 2006 06:30 am (UTC) (Link)


Sorry that the festival didnt work so well. If you didnt take anything new home (as in knowledge) than it probably wasnt a good festival. I have never been but I do know I prefer not to go to things that have too much of a trade-show feel.

Either way, happy to see you out and about!
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