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Questions Answered...

So I said I'd answer any questions people wanted to ask me in my last post.

That offer still stands, so if you want to post a question, comment over there!

Someone wanted to know this:

Do you have any unusual piercings?

I guess that depends on what you consider unusual. I have a ring in my right nostril that would probably qualify as unusual in Utah, but here is pretty commonplace, and I keep forgetting that it's there.

I also have a clit hood piercing - which is not so uncommon in the bay area (but then, what is?) Love it! It was done by Raelyn Gallina. That pierce healed in like a week (which is no time at all) and has never given me the least bit of trouble. And I really like the way it looks. I used to have my nipples done but took them out after hoping for years they would settle down and stop being so fussy. They'd be ok for a while, but they always acted up again eventually, so I sadly had to take 'em out. I even tried gold barbells (supposedly the least allergenic metal) and that only helped a little bit. Meh. And even if they come up with something better, I doubt I'd be willing to undergo the intense pain of the piercing again. It hurt like a mofo! But I love my clit hood pierce!

More answers coming soon... feel free to post a question!

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