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Oh, the life of a college student!

Well. Two weeks ago I posted here about a fun night at Lana's Speakeasy. It was the night before the first day of classes, and I was teasing teh BF about going to his first classes with a hangover, saying "Oh, the life of a college student." (Someone brought some Jack Daniels and I didn't have any, but BF did, so he was a lot worse off than I was the next day.) I'm sure you can guess where this is going...

So, last night (I know, it's really Fryday morning as I type this. But. I haven't yet gone to sleep, so as far as I'm concerned, it is actually late Thursday night. This can be really convenient for, oh, say birthdays, Burn Night, stuff like that... you can have a two day birthday if you swing it right.) Anyway. Last night we went over to Lana's. We'd practiced a new children's song, but decided to reprise "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" in honor of the Massachusetts high court's wonderful decision to permit same sex marriage. ("Separate is seldom, if ever, equal," said the decision. Word!) I love "Itsy" - it has such a positive message, and the movements are just plain fun.

So anyway, we hung out, we sang, and we saw the dress rehearsal for their "FFFF" event coming up tomorrow (Fryday.) It's a (very staged) women wrestling thing. It was funny but it started late and went later and we were there much later than we'd planned, and I had a bit more 2 Buck Chuck than usual. Then, after the show, someone brought out a bottle of Becherovka. Now, Jack I can easily resist, I don't like it anyway. Becher... well, that's another story. I love Becher. I HAD to have some. BAD idea. Just as much as Chuck and Jack don't get along, Chuck also conflicts with Becher. Oy. (And, yes, DUH.)

So I woke up this morning very hung over. Ugh. I had to drive the car home after dropping BF off at school, and I was trying to convince myself I was fine, energetic, awake, etc. (The driving thing is still so new to me - I've only had a license since November - so I'm not very used to driving under adverse conditions.) This was definitely one of my more challenging times, but I did everything fine and got home. On the way to school we stopped at an office supply place to get paper and afterwards outside I looked so pathetic that BF took pity on me (and stopped mocking me briefly) and gave me a lovely lovely kiss. It did make me feel better! And oh my, was it yummy. :-)

Now, don't get me wrong - I richly deserved the mocking, and he was humorous and sweet about it. And, it WAS funny! "Oh, the life of a college student," indeed!

And have I mentioned that my class is on Thursdays?

So I had to drag my hungover ass to class. I'm TOTALLY glad I did. My professor is awesome, so enthusiastic and a really excellent teacher. I'm getting a lot out of it and I'm sure I'll be really pleased with the results. (It's a career planning class, since I have given up net consulting and I'm not sure what I want to do next.)

But I'm getting ahead of myself. In the meantime, I had to wash my hair, because the night before I'd gotten a hug from someone doused (and I mean DOUSED) in perfume. This would have been bad enough on a regular day (or with regular hair) but hungover and slightly nauseous, oh it was torture. So I had to wash 'em. Now, the thing with braids is that generally you don't wash your hair, just your scalp. You pull them into a bunch and try to keep most of the length out of the water. The reason is the hair doesn't usually get that dirty (smelly is obviously the big exception) but it's generally just the scalp that needs cleaning. Once they're wet it takes forever for them to dry, which is chilly and unpleasant (except at Burning Man!). In fact, they are STILL a bit damp and it's, what, about 2am as I type this.

Fortunately I've been feeling better as the day has gone on, and (except for not being able to get to sleep when I went to bed earlier) I'm fine now. I am REALLY glad I didn't skip class to nap, as I was tempted to do. (Kisses to BF for calling and talking me out of it!) Just before leaving for class I got an interesting note from an interesting boy, so as class was starting, I was sitting there feeling hungover and thinking about a boy. "Oh, the life of a college student!" ;-)

Heh. Careful what you make fun of!

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