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the magic bicycle

I had a blast and a half on the east bay pub crawl. Good times, fun people, freakin' the streets - and the best damn night that that place in emeryville that had only been open for three weeks is EVER going to see! AND I got to see my homegirl WENDY, who I hardly ever get to hang out with! Plus we had Ninja Kitty as our rad designated driver, and we zoomed from stop to stop in style. Thanks, jetkat!

heh heh.

I am all happytired now.

But I've also been meaning to post about something else. Last week, Jovino and I went out to our favorite crepe place for breffy, on the way to pick up the serger that's been in the shop. We walked past the bike store with the cool cruisers out front, and as always I scanned over them looking for a pink one. And then I remembered it - the magic bike I'd seen there a few weeks ago! That one was definitely not still there. It was the ultimate girly bike - all pink and green and white and flowers and rainbows and hearts, with a real wicker basket with a bright pink polka dot fabric lining. Oooooooooh!

I noticed a card hanging in the basket. It said that this bike was a special edition designed by a fashion designer, and had a photo of a laughing girl with short pink hair. I was amazed by this, and thought to myself "I want to be a pink haired designer! How much fun would THAT be!?!?!?!"

And now, not long after, I am finding out how much fun that is. It's definitely challenging, but it is also the most fulfilling and rewarding thing I've ever been involved in. I feel SO fortunate to be where I am, doing what I'm doing... today Jovino and I went to a little trunk show of indy designers and artists in SF, and it was inspirational and fun looking around at what everyone doing, and to think about how there is this cool indy design scene here, with events like this that we can be a part of in the future. I also feel extra super lucky to have such a wonderful partner (in our creative pursuits, and just in general). Most of the people making things seem to be working on their own, and having each other to bounce off of, and help keep each other going is super rad.

So here I am, happy and tired. And I hope whoever is riding around on that magic bicycle is enjoying the hell out of it!
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