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bunnywarez at furcon 2006

bunnywarez at furcon 2006
Originally uploaded by djmermaid.
This is a photo of Keres and Sesu hanging out with us at the bunnywarez booth at furcon, and showing off the artworks they won in the auction. This was taken on Sunday afternoon by Pup. As you can see, we're having a great time!

Thanks to Keres for permission to use the photo. (And thanks to Sesu for making such a rad ninja kitty!)

BTW, if you want to see a bigger version of the photo, you can click through to Flickr by clicking the image.

We are seriously considering going to some other cons - to vend in some cases, and just to have fun in others. I love seeing all the costumes - it's really inspirational! And I enjoy the opportunity to take a mini vacation and meet new people, most of whom are friendly and open. (Not to mention the opportunity to run around in costume all weekend long - ok, so I live in the bay area, and I can do that any time I want. It's still fun to have it in a more concentrated setting.)
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