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back to life, back to reality... - adventures of a red-headed stepchild in the house of love — LiveJournal
mermaid on the mic
back to life, back to reality...
Whew! Furcon was intense. It always is, and especially this time. Between spending so much time vending (and therefore interacting with people as well as standing up all day long) and the room party, we barely had time to turn around.

I did have a really great drive down with Jeremy. It's probably the longest we've ever spent talking, just because it wasn't at a party or burning man or whatever. He was a total rockstar, helping us load and unload, looking super cute in the stuff he bought from us, and promoting our booth. YAY JEREMY!!! ; )

I'm feeling really good about how we did introducing Bunnywarez. Lots of people liked us and our stuff, and we totally enjoyed meeting people and talking with them about what kind of stuff they'd like. We have a bunch of requests and I'm looking forward to getting back into the shop.

It was SUPER BIG FUN to run around as Ninja Kitty, and to see the other ninja kitties all around. I got them to issue me a fursuit badge for Ninja Kitty, and got a neighboring artist to draw me a ninja kitty art badge too. SOOPER COOL! Jovino even surprised me with *another* artist drawn ninja kitty badge! I was thrilled!!! Unfortunately, however, it seems as though I managed to leave all three of them in our room, and if that's the case they were tossed out by housekeeping - because I called the hotel today (after going through all my luggage THREE times) and they don't have 'em, and neither do I. So that is making me feel REALLY sad. (Not to mention that I really want a ninja kitty icon for here and now I don't even have a picture, except that one in the booth.)

Hopefully there will be some ninja kitty pix from the con. But I'm still totally bummed about this. Both artists even gave permission for their works to be used on the ninja kitty page on our bunnywarez site, and then I had to go and lose them. So I am a sad little bunny right now (and i feel like TEH STOOPID for losing my beloved badges.) I'm really tired too. (The upside to that is that I have been sleeping like a rock.)

MAYBE they will still turn up. But I doubt it. I really have looked through everything.

AND, i got the con crud.

: (

I'm feeling: crushed crushed

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ducktapeddonkey From: ducktapeddonkey Date: January 25th, 2006 02:18 pm (UTC) (Link)
Glad you had fun. Hope you get over the con crud quickly.
From: lord_kook Date: January 25th, 2006 09:36 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thanks for having me along. It was my pleasure to buy that stuff from you guys: not only did it fit in at the con, but I got to wear it around the Castro on Sunday and make people's heads whip around. Plus, I get to sport it this Friday for another party. It's the gift that keeps on giving!
I hope you and Jovino did well. Let us know what the figures are when you figure them out.
I got a con-crud thing too... Actually, I think I had it before we went and con just exhasberated it. So sad.
bearfairie From: bearfairie Date: January 27th, 2006 03:35 am (UTC) (Link)
Yay for you! yay for bunnywarez! The ninja-kitty thing was super adorable. When I have money I'm totally buying stuff from you guys :). That's a bummer about the badges. And sorry to hear about the con-crud :p feh. *sending healthy thoughts* and when in doubt, echinacea and elderberry tea can do wonders for a cold. (for full medicinal strength, I'd do about a tablespoon of each herb simmered in 1-2 cups water for about 1 hour, drink about 2x/day until it passes).
3 smooches or Gimme Some Love!