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Now What?

Another challenging interaction with the Problematic Ex. I swear!

I don't think he's not a bad guy, and I know he's not trying to be a pain in the ass... but damn, he sure can be a trial at times. This time it turns out that he has managed to damage the car (the car that I am giving him) by letting it run out of water, so the pump is broken. I am NOT going to get it fixed for him, I'm just not. Not that he has asked me to, but I doubt he can afford to do it himself. Maybe one of the girlfriends can help him. It isn't my responsibility.

I am trying to be nice to him (and in fact have been described as "the world's nicest ex girlfriend") because I felt bad for breaking up with him, in spite of all our fighting and difficulties. But now I'm starting to wonder why I am trying so hard. Ugh! Whatever. It's his deal. I need to keep good boundaries and just try to keep a reasonable distance.

In spite of all this, I am loaning him the van today. I have a (somewhat) irrational fear that something will happen to it too, but that's probably just silly.

I need to put all of this out of my mind and get back to production! The con is only a few days away. At least that is going well! Overall, I am really happy. I guess I just need more distance from the ex. He creates most of his own problems himself, and he can solve them himself too. But I think I need to get the car paperwork done asap.

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