red-headed stepchild in the house of love (djmermaid) wrote,
red-headed stepchild in the house of love

Ummmm, oh yeah

My feet are sooo tired. But I don't care. Work on the stuff for FC is really coming together!

Today I went to the Board of Equalization (aka the tax office) to get our paperwork in order so we can legally vend at furcon. Boring, filling out their form - but so exciting to have the permit in hand! It's REALLY HAPPENING!

If we want to keep it up after the event we need to file again for reals. I could have done it all today but didn't quite feel up to estimating how much we might sell per month (and it will be much easier to figure that out after the event anyway.) I have to get our business license together as well (we are splitting up the onerous tasks, and since I can't do graphic design or web work, I get to fill out all the fun forms required by the guv. It's a fair trade.) So, there is more bureaucracy ahead of me.

But that doesn't matter now. We're underway!

While I was waiting there, I was reviewing the things we still want to get made before the event, and I thought to myself that we should probably stop designing for now, and just focus on getting as many things made as possible. While working tonight, Jovino came up with an idea that was so hot, I had to jump on it! He laughed at my thinking we should stop designing, even temporarily. True, that is where the fun is, and we don't want to get burned out. And more than that, we have so many good ideas - why wait to make them see the light of day? We're jamming on production and there is still space for innovation.

I'm a happy bunny tonight.

Sleep soon.
Tags: bunnywarez

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