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Even MORE Happies!

I forgot to mention in my last post that I went to a party on Saturday night and had an amazing time - in fact, it was the best time that I've had at a party (that wasn't my birthday) in quite some time!

The fact that I knew more than half the people there might have had something to do with it. I had so many great moments of catching up with friends and checking in about where we've been since the last time we saw each other (in some cases, it was quite a while.) At one point, I even noticed someone who I didn't know sitting off by herself, not talking with anyone, and went over to meet her. She turned out to be very cool. We had quite the lovely interaction and she was very pleased that I took the initiative to come talk with her.

Like I said, I also saw many old friends. It was a truly sweet night, and I would not have traded it for anything!

Around 1:30 we took off (always beat the bar crowds is my philosophy) and before long I was cuddled up in my baby's bed. : )

It was truly a perfect night.

Now, I am writing this as my risotto cools on the stove, my party mix bakes in the oven, and I can hear Jovino out in the shop, making us a fabulous xmas tree that doesn't need watering - or any money spent. We're going to add ropelight and ornaments once it's set up. : D And, I just got off the phone with Davor, who was calling to give me a tip on a good price on sugarfree spanks. : )

Oop, gtg - I think the first batch of party mix is ready!

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