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home again, home again

Gee but it's great to be back home.

The LA trip was a whirlwind, and, well, a trip.

Let's see...

we started off with high spirits, but on the wrong highway (lousy mercury retrograde!)

no big deal, we figured it out and made our way over to the right road...

cruised down the 5 and made pretty good time anyway....

only to discover that I somehow managed to leave my celly in Oakland (lousy mercury retrograde!)

found a really nice, family run mexican restaurant to have dinner in. (yay!) they seated us in our own section (yay!) which had a tv on (boo) showing the Simpsons (yay!) just about to end (boo.)

we ordered dinner and raspberry margheritas (yay!) and then the billboard awards show came on (hee!)

so we moved over to the side of the booth facing the tv, and proceeded to have fun critiquing the outfits and performances (yay!)

I love awards shows. they are inevitably over the top spectacular extravaganzas, featuring celebrities in fancy outfits receiving silly awards - lots of glitz and style-over-substance. (though as Fity Cent pointed out, in his acceptance speech for the "Most Downloaded Ringtone" award (which was folded in with several other awards, including RnB Artist Of The Year and like 4 other things) this is "the only [music] industry awards based on actual [sales] performance" - thereby reflecting the Peoples' Choice.)


our waitress came in and joined in the critiquing fun (yay!) and brought us delicious food and more raspberry margheritas (they sure were good) (yay!)

even after two rounds of those delicious margheritas, we were not as (apparently) sloshed as poor Gwen Stefani, who, tottering on either too-high-heels or too-many-trips-to-the-vip-wet-bar (I suspect the latter, as she made a rather goofy acceptance speech and then somehow managed to knock her fancy hat to the ground as they led her offstage) and THEN had to perform later in the show!

we took off (sadly, before Gwen's moment of truth - one can only hope that Whitney Houston (or SOMEone) was backstage to slip her some sort of performance-enhancing powder before she had to go on) and found Mayor Jim's place easily.

Jim was at work in his music studio. he welcomed us warmly and the three of us hung out and chatted until it was time to get some sleep - we had a big day ahead of us!

it's always a bit odd to sleep in a strange place, and Jim lives in a neighborhood that is so quiet (compared to the Biggety Biggety O) that it was almost hard to get to sleep... especially considering the "night before christmas" aspect. no sirens, no trains, no downshifting semis... but somehow we managed to drift off.

the spare room was cozy and I actually slept rather well for it being the first night in a new place. I awoke several times, but got back to sleep. (YAY!)

morning came and we were off on our mission. the last time we were in LA (on the fact finding mission) we'd hit the fashion district on our last day. one of the facts we found was that there isn't much in the way of restaurants there, so we hit up an ihop not far from Jim's place for breffy. good move! we had a fun breakfast, while critiquing the logos of the other businesses in the strip mall, and discussing our own web strategy.

we were taking turns behind the wheel for this trip, and it fell to me to drive into the fashion district. I sure am glad that I can drive now - and well enough to drive in LA (as long as I either know where I'm going or have the assistance of a navigator.) we easily found the district, and drove to the heart of the fabric section, where I'd already chosen the ideal place to park. we got the last spot in the lot, and the setup was perfect - we were nose in, facing away from a street on the very edge of the district, so it was easy to load up the van after visiting each shop.

[a side note: I am SO HAPPY to have the van! I initially purchased it as a camping/playa and dj gig vehicle as it holds a lot and makes loading and unloading easy - and it has turned out to be incredibly useful for bunnywarez, as there are many things to haul. this trip to LA would not have been worthwhile in either the 'Stiva or Jovino's car, so I am thrilled to have it now! it is also very comfortable and easy to drive, and I have become used to the size - I'm not even nervous changing lanes (even when I can't see out the back for all the bolts of fabric there!) but I'm getting ahead of myself.]

we started out at a shop that specialized in trims. they had some rad stuff. (wait til you see it!!!) we filled our shopping basket, then proceeded to wheel and deal for the best price. they were very nice, so it was give a little, take a little.

next up was a very cool place that specialized in fleece. they had so many great patterns, as well as solids, all anti-pill. y'all with cold heads, backs, arms, legs and asses are going to be in luck! ; )

after that we checked out a place with lots of faux furs that turned out to be quite pricey, and then my favorite shop of the day - the owner was very friendly and very willing to make us deals. he had some really unique fabrics and I know we will be back there in the future - he was nice, fun, willing to make a deal (without being too pushy) and we found some amazing stuff there. I could have gone for more (and probably should have) but it was time for lunch. I know I'll be back.

we hit up the yummy Indian place in the food court on Santee Alley (where you have to show a receipt to get into the bathrooms) and on the way out I could not resist the discount makeup place. ; )

back to work!

we went right to our favorite place for faux furs. of this part, all I can say is that they loved us, and we loved them. (and, wait til you see what we brought back!)

when it was finally time to ring up, I sent Jovino off to get the van so we could load in from their door. we picked up a few last minute purchases - apparently the district closes down soon after sunset - stuffed everything we could into the van, and strapped an enormous roll of batting on top (yay, roofrack!).

we hit the 5 and never looked back.

now we are home, unloaded, and it is time for me to hit the hay.

hooray!!! ; )

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