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god damn it. here I am, again.

the fucking chinese herbs (which were so rad for a while) have stopped working already, and I haven't even run out of them yet! I was good with them too - making sure not to take them every night. i'll miss the strange (but, as promised, not unpleasant) dreams.

and I'm not even stressed out or unhappy (well, except for being stressed out and unhappy about not being able to go to sleep... which can hardly be considered the cause of my not being able to sleep...! or, if it is, then I guess I'm really fuxxored. that's just TOO damn recursive... heh.) seriously, though - things are really good overall. I don't know what's wrong with me right now.

and I need to sleep so I can work on sewing stuff tomorrow! it's going well, but there is not a lot of time and I need to stay on it.


i think i'm going to fix a nice stiff drink, drink it, and then try for the sleeping again. i'd best go down and turn off the "sun" too, before turning in.

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