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Juicy Interview!

I'm going to answer the interview questions posed by the fabulous lifeasjuicy, who (if you are not already aware) is a supercool chica who I've known for some time now, and even got to work with for a time about a year ago.

Thanks for the questions!

1) What is your favorite beauty regimen or product and why??

I'd have to say good ol' moisturizer. It makes such a difference! I use aloe vera, at least on my face, neck and hands (ideally everywhere though) and then (after letting it soak in a bit) a light moisturizer with sunscreen in it on my face and neck every day.

Sunscreen is another one - the current thought is that if you are going to be outside at all between the hours of 10 and 2 you should really wear sunscreen, and many moisturizers contain sunscreen now.

Here's a hot tip: you can add color (foundation or concealer - the liquid ones seem to be easiest to mix) to your moisturizer to create your own tinted moisturizer, which will give you sheer color *and* be good for your skin! ; )

2) What is your relationship to sleep?

Ah, a relatively new reader I see. Heh. I love to sleep and wish I was better at it!

Currently I have the hardest time getting to sleep when I've awoken in the night, though sometimes I have a hard time dropping off in the first place. I have considered going to Kaiser for this but am quite torn about that approach. Recently, a friend gave me some chinese medicine capsules which are working quite well for me at the moment (and I have been having vivd but pleasant dreams as well - the info inside actually says that you will not have bad dreams.) It doesn't say exactly what is in them, but I figure that if they keep working I can take the bottle to chinatown and get some more of whatever it is.

Hopefully, they will keep working. In the past, I've had success with various other things, but everything has eventually stopped working, so who knows. I try not to gripe about it here too much.

3) When drinking water, do you sip or gulp? Do you find this approach applies to other areas of your life?

Interesting question! I guess it depends on how much I need it. I try to drink water all day long so I don't need to gulp, but sometimes you just have to.

I don't know how to answer the second part of the question. Sometimes I sip, sometimes I gulp. Sometimes I can be amazingly wishy-washy! I do tend to get deeply into whatever I'm interested in... if that answers your question.

4) Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes.

For style: my fabulous pink pvc platform boots (they look just like these) which I was given for my last birthday. Love love love them!!! (And yes, I did take 'em to burning man last year - I have since de-playafied them, however.)

For comfort: I hate to admit it, but I do adore my ugg knockoffs. I'm sure you know what those look like, and of course it's not abut looks with these. I got the tallest ones - almost to the knee. They are great for camping! Sure, they are "ugg-ly" but oh so warm - fully lined in sheepskin! (And they are black, so at least they don't look skungy like the lighter colored ones sometimes can.) I'm wearing them right now, with fuzzy chenille socks - footy heaven!

5) What is a lesson that you haven't quite learned...on which you continue to work?

This is a toughie! I would have to say organization. Sigh... I should probably be organizing something right now, instead of typing in LJ.

k, kicking my own ass!

Thanks for the questions! Does anyone else want to interview me, or be interviewed? Sign up here!

(I will be posting questions for those who have already requested them later today. I'm a postin' fool!) ; )

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