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Furcon Recon

Today Jovino and I hopped into the van and headed out to do some pre-con recon at the FC hotel. What a fun day! We went around and checked out the various meeting rooms, tried the interior route between the second floor (party rooms!) and the ballrooms - it's almost done, so there should be more foot traffic on the party room floor this year. That's good news!

We also had a beer at Club Max and chatted with the bartender, who was really nice, and full of helpful information. We couldn't leave without stopping by Sushi Totoro (that's really the name!) for some delicious food. The young sushi chef was excellent and the food was (of course) delicious. We also got to talk a bit with Pearl, who I've seen there for the whole time I've been going - the last two years. She was a lot of fun, and said, "Further Confusion is right around the corner? Wow! Then BayCon..."

Both of the hotel workers were super friendly and it was fun talking with them about our unusual con. I heart the doubletree.

On the way home, we scored some cardboard rolls for a project of Jovino's (yay, free supplies from the dumpster dive!) and hit up a large JoAnn's I'd spotted on the way down. It turned out that patterns were on sale - score! So we are about ready to get rolling on our various sewing projects.

Now I'm sipping a Sierra and some yummy hot soup. Life is good.

: D

I'll be hitting the interview questions left for me soon too.

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