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...and the days go by...

So for some reason, tonight I decided to start going through my old posts and adding tags. I jumped right into early 2005 and have been going backwards from there. I'll do the more recent ones later.

A lot has happened in the past year! This time a year ago I was sick (from mid-October until like February, ugh!!!) and stressing out over my work situation, and my love life. Now I feel more clear, more happy, and like I am on the right track (although, like I said, I sure do hope this makeup thing works out.)

My relationship with teh ExBF ended (or more accurately, shifted from romantic to friends - I am extremely pleased that we are able to be friends. It's important to me to be friends wit my exes if at all possible.) He's a good guy, and smart, with a lot of energy and I wish him all the best and know he will be successful in life. The fact that we were not able to be good for each other in the long term doesn't change any of that.

My relationship with Jovino has deepened and we have become extremely close. This is truly wonderful for both of us, and I dare say we are both happier than we've been in some time. He is encouraging without being directive or pushy, not to mention creative, fun, and really really sweet to me. I am a very happy girl!

And I'm posting up a freakin' storm these days. How are you doing?

PS: please stop by my previous post and interview me, and/or let me interview you!!! C'mon, you know you want to!

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