red-headed stepchild in the house of love (djmermaid) wrote,
red-headed stepchild in the house of love

Greetings from La-La-Land

Wish you were here!

Well, not for your sake. I'm currently down in LA checking out makeup artists schools. Its kinda cool and kinda scary all at once. The scary part is that the one that costs the most and takes the most time is (of course) looking like the best choice for me. Of course, if I am truly determined to do this and to get the best education possible, I have to commit to doing whatever it takes. And it is looking like that may mean being here for 10 weeks, which is not something that I am looking forward to, and which is gonna cost me - I need to find a place to stay that is near the school as classes start at 9am (shudder!)

It's inspiring too, of course. And I know that once I truly do commit to doing it that everything will come together in that way it always has.

In the meantime, I am figuring out what I am really going to do, and doing recon.

Wish me luck!

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