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Oh no, not again

My car got broken into. AGAIN.

After nearly a year of parking outside my darling Jovino's east Oakland warehouse without incident, it happened. And I was parked in the spot that I'd considered as the safest too!

Why the HELL do people think they are going to get anything from a Ford Freakin' Festiva, anyway?!?!?

Total take for the bad guys:

- about half a filmcan's worth of quarters (ooh, bet they are gonna go do their LAUNDRY! certainly not enough to buy any smack.) And at least they left me the filmcan. That was all they got this morning. They even left two Pinkbulls and two Rockstar Chicks (approximately $8 vaule!) I guess they didn't want diet energy drinks.

They also managed to empty not only my glovebox but my overflowing car ashtray, all over the front seat and onto the ground outside. When I saw the ashtray had been emptied, I thought "ewwww!" as I remembered the mummified apple core that had been in there. What I hadn't remembered was that there was also a *condom*! (Used, natch.)

I sincerely hope they were thoroughly grossed out by it. God Only Knows how long that thing had been in there! I don't even remember the last time I had sex in my car. Heh.

Thats all they got today. Previous break-ins have netted the bad guys a large shopping bag full of clothes that I was supposed to take to goodwill (they broke the window to get to them - that was last time) and, the first time, several boxes of brownie mix. That time, they also yanked the only-kinda-functional stereo out, then upon reflection, decided it was too janky to be worth anything and threw it on the floor of the car.


Anyway. Like I said, why even bother breaking into a crappy old 1990 Ford Festiva anyway?!??!

Well, I guess if they were smarter they wouldn't be thieves, they'd be computer professionals or lawyers or something. Heh.

At least the mess was all my stuff... once, back when Peter drove this car, it got broken into and the thieves somehow managed to cut themselves on the broken glass, and bled all over the interior (including into a box of altoids - YUCK!!!)

Now I keep thinking how cool it would be to somehow booby-trap the glovebox, so that when you open it a bunch of those spring loaded snakes jump out, or a fake airbag deploys, or how about having a car alarm go off? Naw, they'd just crap on my seat and I'd have an even bigger mess to clean up.

Well, on to the rest of my day.

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