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here i am, again

dag. i can't wait to be out there... one of the very few places on earth where, when i can't sleep at 5 in the morning, i have something else to do besides beat myself over the fucking head, trying.

there is a lot going on with me, and i have not been posting about it.

i should be getting back to my theory radio set, which i have rescheduled to wednesdays from noon til 4pm (pst) this week. no promises though... i have a lot of packing and organizing to do.

i'm going to have my very own little camp this year, and i'm actually quite excited about that. it's turning out to be the year of the solo girl camp... Candace is doing the same, as is Wendy (who I got to spend all day with on Thursday, watching bellydance videos and getting RAD pink dreads put in!) she's a freakin' hair genious (yes i know its spelled wrong, it's one of my little things.) the dreads look amazing and are actually a lot lighter (and better to sleep on... when i can sleep) than the long braids i used to get.

really hope i get some playa-time with those two fab babes! as well as all my other friends. i'm not planning to schedule much this time, so we'll see what happens.

if you're going, i'm in the BLD at 6:30 and Catheter (huh huh, ok, catharsis.) once you get there, i should be findable, or leave me a message at Newt's bar. i'm going to try to actually register myself at center camp this time - if i do, it'll be a first.

if you want to mail me something via actual postal mail, you can. (!!!) and i would love it. here's how:

Here is how to get mail to Black Rock

Friend Name (DJ Mermaid)
Camp Name (BLD)
Camp Address (6:30 and Catharsis)
Burning Man
Gerlach, NV 89412

Postmistress Sylvia chimes in with: "That's the Zip code for Gerlach. But to get a delivery onto the playa and to the BRCPO, it has to be addressed "c/o BRCPO" and have a very detailed description of the person it is intended for and suspected camp location. (You can always do a "double-wrap" with the VERY detailed specifics from being read by USPS officials on the inside. As long as it is addressed "c/o BRCPO" on the outer package, the volunteers at the BRCPO are authorized to open the outer wrap and attempt a delivery.)

- Suggestion: Send mail to everyone you know on the playa - I'd recommend mailing it within the US on 8/26 or 8/27

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