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Time Waits for No One - FI Version

I want to expand on this... and hopefully these notes will help when the time comes.

Cherry Grove:

walking through the Grove - viewing people's cottages - Pride house etc
excusion through the Meat Rack to The Pines
meeting Rose Levine and Michael - a truly lovely moment
liquor store stop; clicquot etc; nice boy gave me his bottle of tonic water
back through the Rack
sunset in the Rack
delicious dinner on the bay

Pink Party
pink dresses (my new one, bf wearing the one I got at the Foolz Revival Costume Exchange)
men in drag
chatting with peeps at the party
DJ Bart's generosity
friendly boy from cali working as a semi-holistic nurse in nyc who thought I was cute
cute waiter boy in sailor girl drag
fun gallery owner chick Barbara: "I like devils"
hott chick from australia

girl that invited us to her apt but somehow we all wound up in another bar instead
a late night

called my darling Jovino : ) MISS him!!!
drag show by the pool
Dr giving shots
BBQ lunch
chill afternoon
giving out CDs
a visit with Bud
back to Bud's with our contribution to the Flotsam Garden
dinner at Jumpin' Jack's - nice talk with John
a last trip to Rainbow Dreams - pirate hat and faggy orange muscle top
Last Night in The Grove
night time wanderings - moon, Cherry's, nice bartender boy, music exchange
late night packing
falling into bed much later than planned

Leaving the Island
early wakeup; exhausted
ferry ride
to Sayville
to JFK
time to chill; finally a decent beer
on the plane, sleeping (yay direct flight)
home; even more exhausted

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