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A New Dawn

I know I used this title before... but it's a special day today... I am officially Not Married! I'll be drinking champange later on, to celebrate this auspicious day. It actually feels really good, and is especially appropriately timed, as I start the new year, to be starting this new phase of my life as well.

Entertainingly enough, the ex announced his engagement this morning (well, his girlfriend actually announced it, he doesn't really do email lists.) I'd been making fun of the document I received notifying me that my divorce would be final on 12/29 and informing me (in BIG LETTERS) that YOU CAN NOT GET MARRIED AGAIN UNTIL DECEMBER 29TH. To each their own, of course... but I still had to chuckle. He sure doesn't waste any time. Bet he proposed at a minute after midnight. I think they are a good match and I'm totally happy for both of them... neither had been happy for quite some time and they seem to be doing really well together.

I'd love to go on, but must get back to sorting through stuff. Difficult, but it needs to happen, and it actually feels good to be dealing with it. The hardest part is the letters... the correspondence I am sorting through is essentially my Mom's Life's Work, at least for the time she lived in Germany. (She was a riding instructor before that.) She corresponded with people all over the world, sent care packages to Poland and E. Germany and was supporting a school in Kenya with money and books. She sent things like coffee and tampons to friends in east bloc countries, things like pantyhose and pens, the sort of stuff we so often completely take for granted. And she was well loved, not only by those she helped, but by many people, in many countries. (Too bad she couldn't take better care of herself! But that is a topic for another day. Thinking about my Mom's short life and unnecessarily sad last years and death are another part of why this is sooo difficult. But this is also something I need to go through, and at least I am finally strong enough to do it.) Time to knock back a PinkBull (my name for diet redbull) and get to it!

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