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A new dawn

This is a new experience for me... putting myself out there, posting for all the 'net to (potentially) see. It's weird, not knowing who (if anyone) will read this, or how to decide what to say. I do know that I want this to be a real window into what's up with me, how I'm feeling, etc... journals that don't really say anything are dull, and what's the point of doing it if I'm not *really* going to do it?

I'm going back to bellydance class tonight for the first time since before burning man. Having a hurt foot for over a month kept me on the sidelines (and I missed out on the burning bellies on the playa too, boo hoo! I'd really wanted to take part in that but I didn't even make it out to watch since I got hurt the night before so I just wasn't mobile enough to even consider it.) This sucked rocks (through a straw) and I'm glad it's finally done with! Foot injuries take forever to heal because it's impossible to really stay off it all the time. Hopefully it'll never happen again.

So I'm excited about class. Bet I'll be a bit sore tomorrow, but it'll be so worth it! But I think when I'm done with this class card that I'm going to look for a teacher who teaches solo style... much as I love tribal I don't think it's the right style for me any more. I want to branch out, to do more floorwork, to play with my hair if I want to... etc! I was dancing around the house yesterday and swung my pretty pink braids around, and realized that I'm not going to be able to do that in class because that's not part of tribal.

So I'm feeling like it's time for me to leave the nest (again... the first time I decided to branch out from tribal style, I had all this separation anxiety, I missed it and was worried I couldn't pull off solo dancing. Now, as then, I know I *have* to, and this time I'm not so worried.) I just need to find a good teacher... I've studied with so many wonderful (and world-class) instructors that I can't just go to any old class and be happy there. I wish Mesmera lived closer!

OK, let's see if this posts. More later! Plus I need to figure out how to get better colors...
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