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It's been a great long weekend so far! It really started on Wednesday, with a long anticipated date with the BF. We went out dancing (I love dancing, and I adore dancing with him!) and then to a party for one of the gigsville crew - a fun night.

Thursday we went to a friend's Thanksgiving open house. In preparation I drove over to safeway to pick up supplies while BF napped on the couch. It was cool to go on my own and not have to think about how much I could carry home (especially since they had Sierra Nevada on sale!) ;-)

Came home and cooked, then headed over to Allison's Grateful Girl party. It was a very warm and cozy party with fun people and delicious food (though it was all vegetarian, and the Boy and I were sooo craving turkey by the end!) Then on to a 33 1/3 party, which was fun too - people brought goofy-ass old rekkids and we took turns playing a track at a time on the beat up old rekkid playa. I admit I was having a little too much fun doing backspins and scratching (no slipmat but that didn't stop me!) We also raided the fridge and ate some of their leftover turkey - yum!

Woke up on fryday with ELO in my head from the night before, and slightly hung over. BF took off to go work in the city and I hung out with a DJ friend who's been having a rough time recently... her car trunk was broken into and they took her CDJ decks, many many CDs, headphones, cel phone, video camera, purse... fuckers. My homegirl has been devastated by this - no surprise. She's even considered giving up spinning entirely instead of trying to rebuild. I understand her frustration - what happened to her has long been one of my worst nightmares. But, she just CAN'T quit! She IS a DJ, and she needs to keep doing it... and besides, what will her friends do for groovy tunes if she just gives up? Of all that was stolen from her, that would by far be the worst. But they didn't manage to take that and she knows she's gotta keep going.

We hung out for an hour or so - it was really great for both of us to hang out and talk DJing (it is generally such a solitary pursuit that this was a rare treat) and she left with the cube (my old denon rig that doesn't even stop at the ends of the tracks... but is a total workhorse, and will allow her to do some paid gigs she has lined up, so she can afford to buy herself a new setup.) Sent her off with the spare headphones too. I was delighted to be able to loan my gear to her! She's a very cool lady and a rockin' DJ and I just plain like her a lot. Oh, and she swore she would never leave it in the car - not that I had to ask! She said so - but I just knew anyway.

While we were hanging out I got a call from BF, suggesting we call a little party for my place later that evening - since there was nothing going on and it sounded like more fun than renting a movie. His idea was to invite friends to come over, hang out, and eat each other's leftovers. So after my homegirl took off, I was on the phone for something like 2 hours calling everyone in my address book. It was fun to talk to peeps, and we had quite the lovely little party. (Good thing I'd picked up all those Sierras!) ;-) People brought delicious food and wine and it was truly a lovely gathering - and my first night time party here! (I generally prefer brunch, as you can have more people, they get less loaded and are more likely to clean up.) The short notice kept the party small, and with the food it was kind of like a night time brunch... I had more cleanup to do than I would have with a brunch, but it was fun and low key and I was delighted that BF thought of it and that it came together so well.

I spun for a bit, and it was one of those times where it really didn't matter what I played... it was all for my own enjoyment and to provide a background for the party. This was great, I was scratching and just generally dicking around and having a great old time! The 1000s are the BEST. I'm really getting into scratching and playing with the vinylesque aspects of the decks lately, and loving it. Hopefully it sounds good! My approach is different than the turntablists doing their ultra complex stuff, because I think that stuff often isn't great for dancing to and I want to keep that as my main focus. (Plus, I'll be honest: I am not a 17 year old boy from Daly City with nothing to do besides practice for hours.) But it's definitely possible to to scratch in a way that flows with the music rather than showing off my "skillz" (not that they are that considerable at this point - but even if they were, if it interfered with the danceability of the music, what'd be the point?)

I got off onto an odd little tangent somehow and wound up running to my room and dragging out a few of my old downtempo d+b CDs, which were fun to hear again. Alex Reece especially reminded me of times with a former lover and it was interesting to hear it again. I'm definitely healed from that one, if I can hear Candles and not be sad. (We are now good friends, and it's been a long time... but sometimes music can just take me right back somewhere and it was nice to have the memories without the pangs.) I was really into d+b at that time (it is the jazz of today! Serious!) and sometimes spun some pretty, chill d+b stuff out, and the Alex Reece disc was also something I played a lot for our dates. He and I had a very rough breakup and it took some time and effort for me to be ok again.

I stopped spinning that stuff out when I discovered that there is very little out there that I like, so I basically had to play the same tracks again and again, or give it up. Can't keep current with EVERYthing at once! Now I have to wonder if the end of the relationship didn't also affect my musical direction. Probably. My DJ friend and I were talking about how things that happen while we're spinning affect what we play - like especially if something annoying happens. You don't want me spinning for you when I'm pissed off! (Although I also think most people don't notice and I could play the most bizarre things and mix 'em up in strange ways and nobody would be the wiser... except BF. He notices. The ex used to pick up on it too... but most folks aren't paying the least bit of attention - unless the music *stops*, then they all look.) But if you know me well and pay attention, you can read my sets like a book... and sometimes I'll even play something that almost predicts what is about to happen.

So anyway... some of my other DJ friends were there and we were treated to some lovely music from them - I used to spin for hours at parties at Clayton street, and though I did enjoy it I also missed out on hanging with friends. BF won't let me go for the whole party (which I actually really appreciate!) It's nice to provide a venue for friends and also to have the opportunity to hang with people and not be spinning the entire time.

Was pleased to see one of my dates show up - he's the hardest to schedule with and we hadn't seen each other for weeks (he was surprised to see my pink braids back and I've had 'em for at least a month.) He even came over and hung out with me for a bit while I was spinning, which I really appreciated, and he totally got when he could talk to me and when I had to pay attention to what I was doing. We didn't get a whole lot of time to talk but it was just plain nice to see each other. He's got a lot going on in his life and I know we'll get together again... sometime. I'm patient.

This morning BF and I slept in (luxury! And I know he tends to run a sleep deficit during the week, so it was especially good for him.) He's home now, working on his research paper. I cleaned up and did all the dishes from the party and the weekend, and we're going to friends' Houseweirding party later on so I better start thinking about getting ready. It's been a great weekend and I'm sure tonight will be no exception.

Read this far? Holla' at me! (Hit that "Gimme some love" link, ok!)

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