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WAG Salon (Extra Life 2012)!

I haven't posted as much as I hope to... mostly I've been off doing things! Am really enjoying watching the Occupy Wall Street saga unfold. You go, kids! More on this later. Hopefully. ;-)
This past weekend, the Bunnydome was occupied by Jovino's Extra Life team - it's an annual fundraiser for Children's Hospitals in the form of a 24 hour video game marathon. Jovino and our friend (and his best man) Todd did it last year at Todd's place, and this year they expanded the team to four players and so set up over here in our bigger space. Todd and Frank brought a metric fuckton of gear and the living room was fully tricked out - including multiple webcams so that donors could watch the action from home!
I decided that if this was going to go on in my living room then I was going to set up a WAG Salon so the ladies would have something fun to do! If it's going to eat the entire weekend anyway, might as well make it a party!
The WAGs hung out, gossiped, set up a DIY nail salon, served numerous snacks to the team and one another (mostly home-cooked, although we also ordered in pizza, natch) and generally had a fantastic time! So lovely to have hangout time with my dear chickie friends. I invited folks who'd donated to the team to come by for lounging and snacks. We had a blast!
We'd started at around 8:30 am on Saturday, and by the time Sunday rolled around we were pretty beat! I have to give the guys credit for rocking out. We also had some fabulous guest stars sitting in to bring our hourly total up. I even gamed a little, but we never could get Pong hooked up, and the Simpsons driving game I tried turned out to be a lot more fun to watch than play - eventually I got stuck in a house! So I gave up and passed off the controller to an actual Team Bunnydome gamer. I'm plenty geeky, but not really cut out for video games. ;-)
Instead, I presided over the kitchen, and we rolled out snack after snack to keep our team's blood sugar up - nearly all home cooked! I cooked Hasselback potatoes with fingerlings and, late at night, salmon onigiri. We also offered scrambled eggs with sausage, pizza, chips, apples (which were universally ignored, lol) and grilled cheese sammitches. It was great fun swooping into the living room, asking, "who's hungry?!" and busting out a platter of noms!
We also set up the inversion table for back stretching goodness. I'd expected the gamers to use it more than they did, but it really came in handy for a fellow WAG who was having back issues. I do attempt to run a full service salon!
The guys rocked socks and the WAGs were there lending support (and occasionally providing a distraction from the task at hand). Our nail salon was fantastic! We made swatches on paper plates and then layered custom colors. My nails are a sparkly fuchsia!
Sunday rolled around and I wound up sleeping until 2 or so. I did some basic tidying but mostly just lolled around. Today I've accomplished more and the house is down to to a dull roar.
Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a lovely party in San Francisco. My ex-husband and his wife hosted. It was amazing! Many of the people there I've known since 1996. Our friends are The Best Friends!
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