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A Night to Remember!

Well, that was a night to remember! One of my best disco sets yet! What a trip.

I was invited to DJ for a Comfort & Joy fundraiser - one of my very favorite Burning Man camps, and a home away from home on the playa. I love these folks. Allison was a founder. They called it Octopus' Garden at first!

I got to spin about 90 minutes of sleaze at the very beginning of the party which was a fantastic warmup. Then Jovino and I ran sound for the drag disco aerobics class (which was as hilarious as you are thinking and also a lot of fun). People really dressed up and turned out for it! I love burners, I really do. If for no other reason than that they are generally willing to make themselves look silly in order to have a good time!

The last disco aerobics track was "San Francisco" by the Village People, and then it was off to the races. When the class was done, a surprising number of folks stayed in the room so I went from there, starting off my set with The Boss, by Miss Ross. I like to think that song might be about a certain Mr Simmons who she was involved with BITD... but she's a lady and will never tell. I managed to keep the dance groove going, and had a complete and total blast spinning. I'm finally, finally starting to really figure out how to put this stuff together. DAG but it has taken me a long time!

Last night was one of those nights where the mixes almost just flowed from my fingers. I'm not saying it was effortless - that rarely happens - but I am saying that it WORKED. HELLS YEAH!

DJ-wise, one of the best nights of my life. Also awesome to see so many friends. And I got to wear a hot outfit that showed off my Disco tattoo, and my favorite disco shoes - the ones I was Sainted in!

Need moar disco gigs! There is nothing like seeing the people dancing to inspire a DJ!

I am elated and exhausted. Is there anything going on tonight?
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