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Damn, Spambots

 I've been getting hit with a LOT of spam comments recently. I still allow anonymous comments (although they are screened) because sometimes they come from actual friends and I hate to force anyone to register just to comment - I doubt they'd bother. Many of the spammy comments come from actual registered lj accounts anyway. 

I also had a really stoopid IM session with a bot on AIM. It got all bent outta shape when I figured out it was a bot.

AIM IM with horne084/13/11 12:08 PM
horne084: hey you

me: hi hi

horne084: heIIoo+hii+hiii+heyyy you doin anything l was reaIIy loneIy wnnted to see if u wanted to taIk?

me: who is this?
because you sound like a bot

horne084: weIl ii juust got backk a Iil bit ago from woorkin out and im gonnna get to werrk on here now what ya doing????

me: I'm asking who you are
because you sound like a BOT

horne084: no im not a bot are you?

me: yes, I'm a bot

horne084: cool l been doin these caaamweb caam} shows onIine while i'm in college stiII its reaIIIy fuun u shouId coome join me
no im not a bot are you?

me: awseome. want to have some hot bot tiemz?

horne084: lol i'm not a bot silly

horne08 has gone offline.

(subtext here is that I usually reply to IMs from folks I don't know in case it is a biz thing. bots are dum.)


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