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 so my life right now is work, planning the wedding and trying to keep on top of the rest of everything.  wheeee!

work stuff is going great.  we are in a phase of expansion and many good things are in process.  we're rolling out new stuff soon!  watch this space!

I'm also really excited about our new program to help animal charities from jammies purchases! not sure if I have posted about this here, but each critter will benefit a particular species-specific program.  I have been researching various charities and we are planning to roll this out at the start of the new year.  although if I have my way the sharks will get a little extra boost.  the original impetus to do this came from doing online research for our SHARK! jammies.  I think sharks are super cool and was excited to do the research.  what I learned about how real sharks are treated in the real world was a big shock - not cool at ALL.  I decided that, small as we are, we NEED to do something about this.  so we are going to make a donation to a species-specific charity each time we sell a set of jammies.  stay tuned for more news on this!  because I want to benefit the particular species (instead of just giving it all to a general group) it is taking some time to research and select the charities.  we are VERY excited about this!

overall, things are good.  the cats continue to be a source of joy and comfort.  Bruce frequently tucks me in at night and purrs me to sleep.  Ninji is as sweet and loving as ever and is the best with the other kittehs.  I love them both so much!  hooray for Carole (and Toni's Kitty Rescue of SF - one of our charities!) for saving their sweet lives and bringing them to me.  

in other news, I've been working on the wedsite.  big thanks to my friend HunnyDu for tipping me to the free site place!  there is a line around the block of people waiting to fleece us.  it's insane!!!  fortunately we're too old and wiley for 'em so it isn't going to happen.  ;-)

I'm so excited about this!  the best part is that we're doing what *we* want to do, so we can drop all the extraneous stuff and focus on what is important.  it's also super cool that we can do it at an event that has space for more folks than we'd be able to include otherwise.  add to that the informal/freaky/festive vibe of the event - it's perfect for us!

thanksgiving looms, and with it, the weekend.  we're holding a brunch on saturday to hang out with friends and nibble on leftovers.  if you need the address, ping me!

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