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I have GOT to start blogging again!

ok, so who has an awesome (or even good) mac client?  how about one for droid (if it's even worth it)?  I miss this place!  did you miss me?!  ;-)

I'm embarrassed to admit that I've been spending wasting time on failbook instead of writing real posts here.  it's funny, twitter never did it for me, but a multimedia version of twitter (with just about everyone you've ever met on it) manages to capture my attention.  partly, because it is easy.  but besides the fact that the medium encourages shallow communications (not really writing), looking up old stuff on fb is a huge PITA, and anyway, those guys are just evil (although I do not participate in f'apps - my special name for failbook apps).

so recently I was inspired to come here and look at my old posts (to try to figure out some dates) and it really made me miss the longer, more introspective journalling.  so, I guess I'm back.  hi!

biz is good - bizzy!  we have a new sewing house which is making life wonderful!  they do a great job!  we managed to roll out two different batches of jammies last month and have another coming soon!  looking back over older entries, it is amazing to see how far we have come.

wedding planning is coming along.  I really need to get the "save the date" emails out so I can collect addresses and get people to put it on their calendars.  already learned that one of my favorite chick friends cannot be there.  such a bummer, but what can I do?  nothing!  there will be date conflicts at any time, and this is going to be when it is going to be, and hopefully everything will fall into place.  I just can't worry about it!  the dye is cast.

which is actually really rad.  it makes it easy!  I know I am doing the right thing, and I am so not stressed over the logistics.  we want to keep it super simple (and cannot afford to do otherwise anyway).  reading some of the alterna-bride sites has been a real eye opener!  I'm seeing the "bridezilla" concept as reflecting on the wedding industry as a whole, not just the insanely demanding brides but those who create the insane demands in the first place.  so I should be looking into teeth whitening now?  really?  

as a 44 year old former postmodernist, it is actually pretty funny *reading* this stuff.

a couple nights ago, my stepmom somehow accidentally called Jovino on skype, and he and I talked with her and my dad for half an hour or so.  it was really fun!  I'm enjoying getting in touch with people, it's a nice benefit of this whole project.

people keep asking if we are going to get married in jammies.  you will have to wait and see!  I can tell you this much: it's not going to be at furcon.  LOL!  (that is the #2 question we are getting.  heh, maybe we need to write up a FAQ!)

anyway!  this is the main thing that runs through my hed when I can't sleep, well this and the ever present biz stuff.  overall though I have to say that this is a pretty awesome time to be me.
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